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  1. Mandy had a cousin, Alley, who lived on the southern end of the Gold Coast in Coolangatta. Alley was 26, blonde, 5'5 with an athletic build and small curvy hips. She was a sporty girl who was into Surf Lfesaving when she was younger and continued to surf in her spare time. She worked in a bank as a teller which didn't require her to wear high heels, so she normally wore black ballet flats to work. Not as used to wearing high heels as Mandy and her friends, Alley still loved to dress up when going out and slip into a sexy pair of heels. The problem was that Alley, a size 7 shoe, found that her correct size caused her heels to hurt when she wore stilettos. Her feet fit well into size 7 shoes but she found them too tight on the back of her heel which caused pain over a night of wear. A while back Alley decided to buy her high heels in size 8 to give her feet a bit more room to breathe and alleviate the tightness she felt at the back of her heel in her normal size 7. Size 8 high heels actually didn't look too big, there wasn't a significant gap at the back of her heel and they appeared, to anyone who may have been looking, the correct size. They also felt very comfortable on her feet. However, Alley found that size 8 high heels slipped off her feet as she walked. Her ankles and feet were slender, which didn't help. Alley tried using heel inserts, but once her shoes stretched with a bit of wear the inserts didn't make any difference and Alley's feet would again begin to slip out of her pumps. Alley long ago accepted the heelpopping, it was that or having her feet hurt in size 7's and she certainly didn't want that. Alley just learned to live with her shoes slipping off her feet and after a few years didn't even notice it when she walked, it had become second nature walking in her heels like that. Mandy organised to go out with Alley in Coolangatta one Saturday night. Dressing in Cooly, as the locals called it, was a little bit more casual than in Broadbeach or Surfers Paradise so Mandy just wore a pair of skinny jeans and her brown flat gladiator sandals. Alley also wore skinny jeans, which stopped just above her ankles, a loose cream coloured top and a pair of 5 inch nude round toe pumps with a hidden platform. Alley had owned them for about a year and they were her 'go-to' heels for going out. They were extremely comfortable for 5 inch heels, the extra room of the size 8 meaning Alley's feet weren't squished into her shoes. The girls got dressed at Alley's apartment near Greenmount beach. As they were walking out the door Mandy noticed Alley's heels coming right out of her pumps with each step. At the top of her stride Mandy could see underneath Alley's clean heel as her foot had slipped out of the shoe. The shoe then gently popped back onto her foot with not much of a sound. 'Alley, your heels!' Mandy said, 'How are you going to go walking in them tonight with them slipping off like that?' Alley replied, 'Oh that, it doesn't bother me. I don't like my heels too tight, it hurts too much. I went up a size a few years back but I couldn't keep them on my heels. It drove me nuts trying to fix it but I though why worry? I'd rather have my heels slip off than my feet hurt. I don't even notice it anymore'. Mandy watched Alley's nude platform pumps gently popping on and off her heels as they walked down stairs and began their trip to a local bar. The girls had to walk about 600 metres to the bar they planned on going to. It was raining slightly and as Alley walked through the edge of a puddle her high heels flicked a little bit of water up onto the back of the girls legs. This was because as Alley's heel slipped out mid stride, her shoe stayed almost on the ground in the puddle. As it flipped back onto her exposed heel it flicked water up as it went. Mandy went 'Oooh, you got me with a bit of water!' Alley looked down at her shoes and said 'Oh, I'm sorry, sometimes my heels do that in the rain because I slip out of them.' Alley looked very beautiful, her skinny jeans moulding seamlessly with her slender, athletic legs and hugging her small but curvaceous hips. Being a blonde, and tanned from her time surfing she also stood out. Even her feet were beautifully naturally tanned, which suited her nude coloured stilettos. Mandy noticed one or two men standing on the footpath look at Alley with admiration, then down at her feet and watching her pretty heel come out of her shoe. From behind, as Mandy saw back at the apartment, her heel was exposed but it was from the side that her heelpop was very noticeable. From the side one could see the entire side of her foot and her heel become separate from the shoe. A man from across the road stopped and looked at Alley's feet as she walked. There was a strong light behind her and coupled with the misty rain caused Alley's to become silhouetted against the light. It was quite a sight, a silhouetted heelpop, the shoe on the ground and the heel and foot arched in the air an inch away from touching any part of the heel cup. Alley was quite obviously expert at walking in her heels. They were so comfortable to her and the slipping of her feet out of the shoes wasn't noticeable to her anymore after years of practice and acceptance. As a result there was no real slap or cupping noise coming from her feet. Her shoes were well worn in, the leather now soft. Sitting down at a table in the Coolangatta Hotel bar, Alley put her knees together with her feet lightly underneath the line of her knees. She put all of the pressure on the ball of her foot and her toes, arching her feet up in the air. This, not surprisingly, made her heels slip out of her pumps. Any time Alley crossed one leg over the other her pump would slip slightly off her foot and dangle tantalisingly in mid air. Any time she put arched her foot her heel would slip out of her shoe, exposing her heel and sole slightly as well. Mandy began talking about her friends and thought that it would be interesting to bring up their high heel 'issues'. 'I have a few friends who have the same problems you have with your heels slipping off.' 'Oh, its not a problem anymore' Alley replied. 'Oh, I know, I know you're used to it. My friends have gotten used to it too, now it's almost a game they play!' said Mandy. 'A game?' asked Alley, bemused. 'Well,' Mandy explained, 'Some of the girls, actually make that nearly all of the girls have had problems keeping their sling backs up. Well, one day, I forget how exactly, but one of the girls said to Christina 'get your slap on' because her straps had slipped off and she was making this tremendous slapping noise.' 'Get your slap on?' giggled Alley with a still bemused grin on her face. 'Yeah,' said Mandy 'Like someone getting their 'angry' on, or getting their 'sexy' on before going out.' Alley laughed, 'I get it!' Mandy explained further 'The girls now have just given up worrying about their straps or their heels slipping out of their pumps. They just say they're 'getting their slap on'. I've even done it in the pair of Louboutins my sister gave me. They're so worn they slip off and slap against my feet. The girls just loved it!' After a few drinks the girls went to a club upstairs. As Alley walked upstairs a bouncer's eyes followed her feet, intrigued by the sight of her entire foot showing at the apex of her stride, the back of her stiletto heel redundant for that split second before flicking back onto her foot to complete a step. After some dancing and a few more drinks the girls headed home, travelling the 600 metres back to Alley's apartment. Now a bit tipsy Alley's walking was more clunky, not awkward but not quite as smooth as she was when she was entirely sober. Now her heels made a slight flopping noise as they popped back onto her feet. 'Listen, listen!' said Alley to Mandy. 'I think that sound is me getting my slap on!' she said. 'You can tell Christina I'm up for her little game now!' laughed Alley. 'Pity you can't do it with me.' she said. 'Wrong!' laughed Mandy as she stopped and unbuckled the double buckles on the straps of her gladiator sandals. A few steps later and she'd arched out of the loose straps and come crushing down on normally secure back of the sandal, crushing the multiple straps down. 'I stand corrected!' said Alley, hearing the small slap, slap coming from Mandy's crushed sandals.
  2. Mandy and Tahnee decided to catch up at a shopping centre for a coffee and a bit of window shopping....and maybe some actual shopping too! Tahnee wore her peep toe cork heel slingback wedges with a white singlet, short denim skirt and a pair of knee length black tights. Meanwhile Mandy had slipped into a pair of cork heel tie up wedges from Wittner. There were straps over her toes, from the middle of these straps came the tie up ones, which looped through vertical straps 3 quarters of the way up her foot and were criss-crossed up her calves until they tied up. Mandy's straps were black and so was the footbed except for the silver Wittner logo. With her wedges many wore a summery white skirt and a loose black off the shoulder shirt. The girls were to meet at a takeaway coffee stall where they'd grab a coffee and then head off to look at some shops. Mandy had tied up both straps in a criss cross fashion to halfway up her calves. Even with her straps tied tight her wedges made a slapping noise as she walked. Where the straps first crossed were particularly low on Mandy's heel, especially the straps on her left wedge. As she walked Mandy felt her straps stretch down near her heels. The feeling was as if they'd begin to become loose, however they didn't at the beginning. Halfway to her meeting place Mandy noticed her left straps were getting lower on her calf, sagging ever so slightly. As she arrived at the coffee shop Mandy's left tied up straps were a good two inches lower than her right. 'Oh, I love your shoes!' Tahnee said, 'They are beautiful and strappy!' Mandy asked Tahnee how she was going, to which she said 'Still getting my slap on!', turning her left foot outward to show Mandy her squashed left strap, which had slipped down rather quickly causing Tahnee to walk with one loose slapping wedge and one normal with the strap secure and high on her heel. They headed into the shop and ordered their takeaway coffee's. While waiting for her coffee Mandy stood on her right leg, lifted her left one up in front of her, bent down and pulled her the up straps up so they matched the height of the ones on her right leg. To Mandy it seemed like her straps became looser as she did this and she wondered what would happen as they walked. As she began wondering the girls coffee's were ready, so with a coffee in her hand Mandy decided to just leave her straps and see what happens. Meanwhile, Tahnee hadn't bothered to fix her straps when she had the chance and continued walking with her one loose shoe slapping her smooth, bare soles loudly. Now while walking Mandy's straps began sagging much quicker down her left calf which in turn caused the first criss cross of the straps at the back of her heel to edge closer and closer to the bottom of her heel. The girls reached some escalators and hopped on them to go to another level of the shopping centre. Tahnee stood and extended her left foot back and arched her foot out of her loose shoe, with no strap holding her foot back Tahnee exposed her entire soul before sliding her foot back down with her heel crushing down on the splattered backstrap. At the same time Mandy tried raising her tie up straps once more. This time she definitely felt her straps become looser. 'This is going to get interesting!' she thought to herself. After hopping off the escalator Mandy's left straps began slipping quickly down her calf. They soon were halfway lower than her right strap, still proudly tied tight halfway up her calf. Suddenly the first criss cross of the straps slipped under the outside of her heel, causing her strappy wedge to become looser and slap louder.'Oh my God, look what's happened!' Mandy said to Tahnee. Tahnee laughed as she looked at Mandy's left straps down near her ankle, some of them squashed under her heel and the wedge slapping loosely. 'Can you still walk in them?' she asked. 'Oh yeah, they are just loose, but I can walk in them OK' Mandy replied. Mandy continued on, coffee in one hand, bag on her other shoulder, walking with one flopping wedge and loose tie up straps bunched down near her ankle. The thought crossed her mind to re-tie them but with a coffee in one hand she decided to keep walking. Tahnee took a photo of them on her phone and sent it to Christina 'Look at Mandy getting her slap on!' she said in the message. Christina replied 'I never thought of doing it that way!' Then, in the next 2 minutes Tahnee's right strap began slipping off. A gradual, almost non decipherable slippage had been occurring in Tahnee's right strap, however once it reached the bone in the back of her heel and moved under it her straps fell rapidly. Mandy looked at her as suddenly loud slapping came from both heels, Mandy realising the increase in noise meant Tahnee had now had both her backstraps slip off. She laughed and said 'Do you think anyone will notice us?' joking about the noise they were making in their wedges. Tahnee never pulled either of her straps up, preferring to leave them squashed under her heels. The girls saw another woman in her early 20's, obviously on lunch from her work as she was wearing business attire, pulling up the straps on a pair of 4 inch black leather peep toe slings. Walking around the perfume section of a department store she raised her failing straps 6 times. Tahnee whispered to Mandy 'She needs to stop trying to keep her straps up and just get her slap on!' Laughing together Mandy and Tahnee walked on and did just that.
  3. Hi all, I've decided that I'll no longer be participating in the general posts on in this forum. I have had a fair bit of feedback that a) my posts tend to be more fetishistic which this site is not about and that most don't share my particular passions in high heels e.g. slipping slingback and heelpopping. I may continue to post my 'Get your slap on' stores occassionly as they seem to be fairly popular and it'd hater to disappoint any avid readers of these stories but as far as general conversation and posting on my high heel experiences I am going to refrain from this from now on. The reason I have participated on this board has been to share my passion for high heels, which has been something I have found difficult to talk about with others. This forum has enabled me to get a lot off my chest and talk about experiences which in turn has allowed me to be more comfortable with my liking for high heels, which I am thankful for. However, the general opinion towards my particular likes seems to be in the negative and several replies to my posts have made it clear that my posts are seen as more fetish based, whch is not all that welcome. Because of this I believe my time at Hhplace has run its course. I haven't found as many people to share similar passions with as I would have liked but I suppose that's life. Thanks to all who engaged in conversation with me about heels, even though a lot of the comments on my posts may have been negative it did allow me to get things off my chest and express my passions, so thanks. If anyone would like to contact me I'll still be checking my message inbox from time to time and read others posts, but as far as engaging in sharing of my sling backs stories, etc, this is it. I am comfortable with where my 'fetish' sits in my life and have come to learn to live with it and this forum has helped me achieve that. Good luck to you all and happy heeling! Slingfan
  4. I do agree that because sling backs aren't designed like a mule to be worn backless that they can be difficult to walk in when the straps fall. I had a pair with one strap over the toe and a backstrap. They were difficult to walk in at first once my strap slipped off, the one strap over the toes was all that held my foot to the shoe and they flopped incredibly. However, with practice they became much easier to walk in, I got used to it and eventually got a good walking rhythm going.
  5. Hi Steve, I can assure you that wasn't me that wrote that piece, I myself have found mostly negative responses to my posts on slipping sling backs, which is disappointing as I'd like to share stories with others. There are a few out there who like them but they don't seem to pop up to often on this forum. I definitely know of a few who like it too, there are many readers of my 'Get your slap on' stories who must like falling slings, however as the general response i've had is negative I would never have made a generalisation like 'all men like it' as I know thats not true. Thanks for your opinions though, it makes for some interesting conversation!
  6. I think that was a bit of a generalisation on the part of the writer of that piece. From what I have experienced in speaking to people on this site it seems many men who enjoy wearing heels themselves do in fact think it looks sloppy, however conversely many men I've spoken to who don't wear heels but enjoy the look on them do like slipping sling backs as they think it looks sexy. I have noticed men looking at a woman in pair of loose, slapping slings before and the looks certainly weren't disapproving! However, i agree that the comment by the writer of the article was a generalisation.
  7. I found this opinion interesting. I found this on a website in reply to a question 'How do I keep slingbacks from falling': The solution to wearing slingbacks, all types, is: 1- buy them not too high, or with a stiletto heel; they must be comfortable. 2- use the shoes as mules only, if the straps ever slide off you won't fall. 3- buy only shoes made of soft leather. 4- get used to the shoes at home, first wear them in; or at the office. 5- ask a friend to wear them in, it will also prevent you having blisters. 6- wear the slingbacks without stockings, only with bare feet. 7- use the straps only when needed. 8- when a strap slides down, just relax and pull it up when possible. This is a tried method; my wife learned years ago that this is the only way to enjoy summer shoes. And remember, you don't look strange if one or both straps are down, just careless and easy going. All men like it, get used to the attention. Some women don't understand at first, but when they see how easy it is to just step into slingbacks as if they were mules they agree with you. Ignore the slapping sound, or walk a bit slower. When wearing pants be sure they a long and wide enough; they can hide a strap which has slipped off your heel. On hot days or after a long walk you can easily cool your feet. During airtravel slingbacks with the straps down never become tight. If you always use slingbacks with the straps up, there will be a moment a strap slips (or fails); If you are not used to it you will probably fall, and than hurt yourself. Using them as mules will let you get used to having no heelstraps at all. And, don't cut the straps off; That will be noticed by people. I have heard many people say the 'can't walk in slingbacks with the straps down', although I myself don't have any trouble. With practice I think it can be quite easy. I have seen some women who's straps never stay up and they walk expertly with their straps down. Although a slingback isn't contructed to be worn like a mule, most can be.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I myself think that because the fact that slingback straps are meant to stay up and keep the feet secure makes it all the more fun when they slip, essentially turning the shoe into a mule. If handled correctly and with confidence this can look amazing to those who like this type of thing. Most of my slingbacks that have become loose have been easy to handle as they have pretty much become a mule that is fine to walk in, however a couple of pairs of flat sandals I've owned were nearly impossible to walk in due to the way the sandal was constructed. This meant I'd have to keep pulling my straps up, however with other slingbacks I've owned I generally leave my straps down after they've slipped a few times as I find the loose slings fine to walk in.
  9. Hi everyone, I'd like to hear of people's experiences with high heels they've worn where their straps keep slipping down or their shoes heel pop when they walk. I'd like to hear good or bad experiences, stories, what you felt when you first noticed your heels slipped, etc. I myself always lose my left strap on sling backs and my left foot tends to slip out of pumps after a while, but as you guys all know I like that! My left foot is slightly smaller than my right, causing any shoe I wear on my left foot to become loose. Would love to hear any experiences you have all had with situations like this. Slingfan
  10. Tahnee was going through her closet when she found an old pair of heels she owned a few years ago that she almost forgot she had. They were a silver pair of Nine West Accolia's, which were a couple of straps over the toes, a strap running up the outside of the foot which then becomes the sling wrapping to the inside. Tahnee used to wear them a lot when she was 18-20, the backstraps were stretched and worn out and Tahnee had put extra holes in the buckle to try and keep her straps more secure. They had 10 holes instead of the original 5. Tahnee was now 23 and hadn't worn them in a few years. The last time she wore them was at a race day when she was 20 and she'd spent the whole day fixing her backstraps because they kept slipping. At the end of the day she left them down, and as there was only a thin strap over the toes and the side strap that became loose when the sling fell off her heels slapped incredibly. Tahnee thought they'd be fun to wear again now and her friends were always getting their slap on and wearing their sling backs loose if they fell off. Tahnee adjusted the buckle of her shoes to the first and loosest buckle hole for a bit of fun. Because her straps had been tightened on the makeshift 10th hole for a long time when Tahnee slipped her feet into the sandals her backstraps now sat off her heel when adjusted on the first hole of the buckle. They also drooped downwards because they'd been squashed so much over the years when the straps fell down. Tahnee walked and her straps fell off in the first step. Tahnee slapped out into the lounge, sat down and slid her feet out of her delicate strappy heels and re-adjusted the straps to the 10th and tightest hole. Tahnee remembered when she kept having to add more and more holes in the straps because her straps kept slipping down quicker and quicker. She then grabbed her handbag, put her shoes back on, pulled her straps up and walked out to her car. Tahnee decided to go to a local cafe in town for a coffee and to reacquaint herself with her old pair of Nine West's. By the time Tahnee reached her car in the driveway her straps were halfway down her heels. When she first pulled her straps up they felt quite tight but now she'd started walking Tahnee could feel the elastic in the strap stretching when her heel arched mid-stride. Parking near the cafe Tahnee hoped out and began the 50 metre walk to her final destination. Tahnee's straps slipped off her heels about 15 steps into her walk. Her shoes were making a crisp slap against her clean soles and her straps were assuming their usual position, squashed slightly to the inside of her foot. There was one traffic light to cross before the cafe. Tahnee thought that maybe she might have to hurry across on the pedestrian light so she balanced on one leg and reached down behind her to pull up her squashed straps one by one. The pedestrian light turned green and she strode across the road feeling an instant stretch in her straps. by the time she got across her backstraps were clinging to the very bottom of her heels, the slapping getting louder the lower her straps slipped and 3 steps after reaching to other side they both popped off one by one and Tahnee resumed slapping loudly. Tahnee ordered her coffee and then sat on and outside bar type area to drink her coffee. She rested her feet on the bottom rung of the stool she was sitting on and arched her feet, leaving just her toes on the footbed of the shoe and exposing her entire sole, not to mention the backstraps plastered down on the footbed. Just as she finished her coffee a woman walked past Tahnee wearing 4 inch nude coloured pointy toed slingbacks. Both her straps were very low on her heels. Tahnee watched her stand at the same pedestrian light she'd stood at and lift her straps in the same manner. As the woman walked across the road against the light her straps inched down a small margin, however about 3 metres from the curb she had to run as a car came around the corner which she was holding up. The woman, wearing a business suit and shift combination with her heels ran on her toes, causing extra arch. In these 3 metres her straps fell quickly leaving the left under her heel as she reached the curb and the right only millimetres from completely falling off. The woman leaned on a light post and pulled both her straps up again and moved on up the footpath. Tahnee got up and walked back to her car with her heels backless, leaving the slipping straps under her heels. She saw the business woman off in the distance pulling her straps up again. Tahnee thought she should just give up and get her slap on instead of constantly re-adjusting her straps. Tahnee liked how she'd got used to walking with her straps down, so now it is comfortable and she doesn't fell awkward in her loose heels.
  11. Hi Puffer, The only stories that weren't true were the ones where I wrote about dressing up en femme and going out. I found it difficult to find people to talk to about my love of slipping straps as it is a quite specific and different thing to like. I found a lot of negative opinions about the things I liked. I began writing the 'Night out in my clopping, flopping peep toe slings' stories as a way of expressing my love of sling backs and pumps, etc. When I found some people were interested in these stories and asked if I was dressed en femme I said yes, because I thought it was easier to explain. Personally I now wish I hadn't said this because it does undermine my credibility somewhat, however it was all part of me wanting to make friends to talk to about my passion for heels. All the other stories I've told are true, including ones where I've walked alone in the park in heels and sandals and when i walked home after a night out in slingback wedges. It has been hard for me, trying to understand why I like high heels and women's shoes and with my particular peculiar passion for slipping straps and heelpopping it has been more difficult as I've found many others find that unappealing, so until recently there hasn't been too many people to share stories, etc. With regards to my avatar picture I don't have the old one on my computer anymore so unfortunately I can't re-post it, however I'll try and find something similar as my avatar pic. I agree, that pair were amazing! I wished I'd owned a pair actually!
  12. As I said, when I shifted out of home I got more freedom to buy and wear women's shoes. I bought some great pairs of heels, including a pair of cork heel peep toe wedges. I kept these for a long time. My left strap fell from the beginning, however by the end I had it buckled up as tight as could be and it slipped off my heel in 3 steps. I loved walking around my apartment, hearing the slap of my shoes on my heels. We had a full length mirror in the bedroom so I was able to walk and see the straps fall down. I bought many pairs of heels and felt sandals. I bought a pair of size 12 5 inch cork heel black leather sling backs off the internet. These were the best pair I ever owned, I sometimes wish I never threw them away. They had elastic in the backstrap instead of a buckle. I wore them in a park at night time and my straps stayed up, although the shoes still slapped loudly. The leather felt wonderful on my feet and I loved the shoe hitting my heels with each step. After a couple of weeks wear around the house my left strap began to slip. I wore them again in the park one night while my girlfriend was away. I just couldn't keep my left strap up. I fixed it several times before I finally gave up and walked with one strap up and one down. My left shoe made a really loud slap, which echoed around the park. If someone else was around they certainly would have heard me. But as with all my shoes I threw them away after feeling guilty. One thing I could wear in public that women did was Havaianas, so I ended up with a collection of Havaianas flip flops (or thongs as they are called in Australia). I liked to arch my feet while sitting, slipping my feet in and out of my Havaianas. The more worn they became the smoother they became and the thinner the soles became. In the end the straps became looser over the foot and they slapped louder as you walked. I often saw women with attractive feet in Havaianas and then bought the type of flip flops they had on because I thought they looked good. I had many pairs and now even have the slim Havaianas. I wore them while home alone and shoeplayed in them if I didn't have heels or sandals at the time. I also bought pairs of the Rubi flip flop sandals with the backstraps which I've written about in some of my stories. As with all the women I saw wearing these sandals, my straps slipped down easily too, ending up squashed and flattened under my heels. One night after a few drinks I grabbed a pair I had in my car and walked home in them, late at night. It was several kilometres to home and not much traffic was out so I don't think I was seen. I lost my left strap almost immediately. I tried keeping my straps up, pulling them up occasionally for the first part of the journey. Eventually I just left my left strap down and waited for the right to fall. After a while it did and I just walked with both straps under my heels. With about a kilometre to go I hailed a cab and hopped in. I don't think the driver saw my sandals. I discretely pulled my straps up while inside and when I arrived home, hoped out and lost my left strap in 4 steps. I wondered how it would feel being able to wear those sandals in public without anyone looking twice, always being unable to keep the straps up. My girlfriend, again ironically, turned out to have a problem keeping her right strap up on sling backs. I first saw this a few months into our relationship when she was wearing a pair of gold 5 inch strappy sandals. At an event she suddenly reached down and pulled her right strap up. I hadn't noticed it was sipping. The more she wore those heels the more stretched her straps became. In the end she had 9 holes punched in the strap instead of the original 5 and yet they still slipped in several steps. She said one night that she should cut them off, but I said I liked it, although I don't think she took me all that seriously. I bought her a pair of wooden stack heel inch black leather peep toe slings for Christmas one year. 6 months later I saw her at an event walking one her left strap up and right strap down. It looked amazing, especially since it seemed not to bother her. Again, these heels got looser and looser and I saw many memorable loose slingback shows. I felt bad every time I wore heels and need up throwing them out, but I never felt bad seeing my girlfriend in her heels, she looked amazing. This year I decided to tell her of my love of high heels and in particular slipping slingbacks and heelpopping. I wrote everything down for her as it was hard for me to say. She took things hard at the beginning, however then warmed to the idea. She said she didn't feel good about me wearing heels and that she didn't want to find any around the house, but she said she would like to wear high heels more for me as she liked that. She even was accepting of my love of slipping sling backs, wearing some i'd bought her and enjoying the fact the I liked it. I am now more accepting of my passion for women's sandals and high heels, although buying them still makes me feel bad. Without my girlfriends acceptance of me wearing heels I probably will always feel that way, however she is such a good girlfriend and is keen to wear heels for me that it is OK. I don't know how to give up wearing heels. Every time I feel it is possible I get the old urges back again and go buy a pair, wear them and then feel guilty. the cycle continues. Sometimes I really want to wear some of my sandals out in public, losing my straps like I see others doing, however in my position it is not possible and would be silly for me to do so. I'm all for others doing it, however for me I couldn't do it. Wearing my Havaianas is enough for me, and I can get away with that.
  13. Hi there everyone. I had been doing a bit of thinking and thought it would be good to write down my history with high heels, how and when things started for me and my experiences with high heels in general. I thought it would be a good idea to share my stories with those who may have experienced similar things, so here goes. I have liked high heels and women's shoes in general since as long as I can remember. The first time I started noticing high heels was probably around the age of 4 or 5. I don't remember a specific moment but I do remember seeing women in black high heel pumps and being fascinated by the way they looked and the noise the heels made while walking. While no one was watching at home I started walking on my tip toes and pretending to make the click clack noise of the heels on the ground. My mother was from the country and so she never, ever wore heels. She dressed more like a tom-boy and in 'practical' clothing, so there were never any high heels in the house or attractive women's shoes for me to try on, but I wanted to know how it felt to wear high heels. After the age of 6 or 7 I started noticing strappy sandals, both high heel and flat which became my favourite. I began to look at catalogues that came in the mail for high heels and sandals, keen to see anything with lots of straps. I remember seeing a pair of strappy sandals in one particular catalogue that were flat and had a zip at the back of the heel. I wondered how it would feel wearing them, and then if I wore them with the zips undone. I also recall seeing women in sandals with straps that ran up their calf. I like these sandals so much that I used to dream about them as a kid, wearing them. I then started dreaming about my straps slipping down my calves as I walked. One dream I recall was about me walking around the local shopping mall, which was empty. I was in the outside part of the mall and it was poring rain and flooded. I was wearing some sandals with the straps tied up my calf, walking in the water. I'm not sure what these dreams meant but I had them before the age of 10 and my attraction to sandals was definite by that age. Just before the age of 10 I first noticed a woman wearing sandals but with the backstrap not on her heel where it should be. I'm not sure on the specifics but I think it was one strap up and one that was under her heel. This fascinated me, it was like the shoe was broken but they kept wearing it. It was like a ether version of the dream where the calf tie straps slipped down. As I lived in a warm part of Australia most women wore some type of sandals, particularly in the summer and as I went to the shops with my Mum every Friday afternoon I saw many, many women with loose and falling backstraps. This became like gold to me, thew most exciting type of sighting, especially if I got to see the lady pull her strap up, or see the strap fall down before they pulled them up. I was only young, so no one knew I was looking but it excited me and made me want to experience the feeling of wearing the sandals. I tried thinking of ways to get out of the house and go buy a pair, but at that age any money I was given was closely monitored. I even tried to slip my foot into sandal at a Christmas party my parents were at. Some people left their shoes at the door, so I tried to slip into someone's sandals quickly to see what it felt like, however I was afraid of being caught so I put an end to the idea. At around 11 or 12 I scrounged enough money up to buy a pair of women's shoes. I grabbed my basketball and told Mum and Dad I was going to the courts around the corner to shoot, ran to the courts, hid my ball in some bushes and then ran the kilometre up the road to the shopping centre. I went into K-Mart and found a pair of probably 3 inch stroppy sandals, one strap over the toe, a strap up the middle of the foot and one strap across the top of the foot, then a back strap with a buckle. They were brown. I didn't know my size so i got size 10, which was the biggest at the time. I was a tall kid for my age with big feet, so size 10 was a good fit. I was really nervous buying the shoes, sweating and losing my voice when the cashier talked to me. I ran back to the court, hid the sandals and went back home. When Mum and Dad left to go to the shops somewhere I bolted around to the courts, got my sandals from the bush and ran home. Finally putting on a pair of strappy sandals for the first time was amazing, I loved the feeling on my feet and the strap at the back of my heel. Although they stayed up at the back, I walked around with one strap under my heel or both straps under my heels, imitating the women I'd seen who had lost their backstraps. Unfortunately, my success was shot lived as my Mum found the shoes. It was incredibly embarrassing. Mum seemed very upset, especially as she was very conservative. I thought Dad would go off, but he was pretty cool about it, saying that when you are going through puberty things like this can happen and that it was a phase. Except it wasn't a phase for me, I was attracted to high heels and sandals and liked the feeling of wearing them. I explained that I thought they looked 'sexy' on women, so they knew it wasn't a 'gay' thing, wanting to wear women's shoes. But it was still extremely embarrassing, I felt like I'd disappointed my parents, particularly my Mum. A month or two later I'd got enough money together to buy another pair. All I could think about was feeling those straps on my feet again and I thought I'd learned my lesson in being caught and would be able to hide the shoes better. I bought another pair of 3 inch strappy sandals. They were black with straps running across the foot and on right up the middle of the cross straps. The backstrap was long and was held to the inside of the last cross strap by a small hook made from the same material as the straps. They were buckle straps too. I got these back home and fell in love with them. A couple of days later I was wearing them while Mum and Dad were out and suddenly my right strap fell off my heel in 3 or 4 steps. That was what it felt like to have your straps fall down! I took my sandal off and inspected it. The hook holding the strap up had broken, so the long strap didn't have anything to hold it up anymore. I walked around, constantly pulling up my strap like I'd seen women do and then having it fall again. I loved it. Then my Mum found this pair too and I suffered the embarrassment all over again, although she didn't tell Dad this time. Around 11 I began having to take Japanese classes at primary school. The teacher was Australian, although she wore Japanese style clothing. Every day for two years she wore a pair of black strap sandals, similar to my second pair although more elegant. She was constantly losing her straps, slowly at first but by a year later she was losing them just walking through the classroom. These were the most amazing pair of shoes I'd seen to this point and she had no qualms about pulling them up in front of everyone. Asking questions at the front of the class she'd lean down, flick her leg up behind her and slide her straps back up with her index finger. I thought this was amazing. Whenever she walked into class her straps would be down under her heels and she'd fix them as soon as she stopped. Every time they slipped low on her heels she fixed them, for two whole years. Even so, she always wore these heels. I wished sometime I could wear shoes like that every day and have no comment. I was very sporty, a real normal, rough boy so this love of high heels and sandals was troubling for me. I thought something was wrong with me because on one hand I was 'normal', a boy who loved playing football, basketball (pretty much any sport), roughing around like normal active boys, etc, etc but underneath I had this secret. ........more to come soon everyone. Every year my parents and I holidayed up north for 2 weeks. At age 13 I saw a pair of uni-sex sandals in a shop and convinced Mum to buy me a pair. Looking back now they weren't attractive at all, sort of like the sandals you see backpackers wearing around, but at the time aI just wanted an excuse to wear some sandals out in public and I knew I obviously couldn't wear women's sandals out in public without being ridiculed! When I got them I set the velcro straps loose so they slipped down. One day I wore one strap done up normal on one loose. It slipped off and my Mum said 'Tighten your shoe up, it looks silly like that' but I didn't. Other days I went for walks and didn't bother to pull the straps up. When we got home I wore them a lot, keeping the straps done tight when around my conservative Mum but loosening them as soon as I was away from her. Around this age I was able to get some more money and bought some more high heel sandals. They were from Target and this time were size 11. The straps stayed up but I loved wearing them when my parents weren't home. I found a good hiding spot and they never were found. However my guilt over this got the better of my and after a year of having them I threw them out. This set a pattern that has continued for years, feeling awesome about buying them and wearing them followed by guilt and the disposal of the shoes. At the age of 15 I tried going without wearing or even looking at shoes for a year. I wanted badly to win a Grand Final at football and I thought by being disciplined and not indulging in my 'dirty little secret' I would be rewarded. For 9 months I did well, not even looking at women in high heels or sandals. We won the Grand Final, which was the best feeling ever and for a month afterwards I didn't even care about women's shoes. I thought it was past me. However, on our holiday's I gave in and bought another pair. I felt terrible. From now on I kept going through periods of abstaining from anything related to heels and sandals, followed by periods where I became consumed by the want to wear them. Around this time a popular pair of shoes was a black wedge with criss cross straps up the foot and a small back strap coming from the bottom of the last criss cross straps. Nearly every pair I saw, and there were many, had one or both straps down which set me off again wanting to wear heels. They looked amazing to me and seeing women fixing their straps, walking with them low on their heels or slipped off their heels was an incredible sight. I bought a pair too and my left strap slipped down. I also bought a pair of elegant flat sandals with brown straps and a backstrap. My left strap also slipped down in these. I loved this pair although I threw them out too in one of my guilty moments. They are still one of my all time favourite pairs, so comfy and the left strap slipped and stayed low on the heel although rarely slipped off, which was good because the way they were constructed it was very hard to walk in them without the backstrap up. By the time I was 17/18 I was fully grown, a touch under 6 feet. I needed size 11 women's shoes, although some ran a bit small and were tight. It really depended on the make. I got my first car and now had freedom to roam about and shop a bit more. I found out Payless Shoes had lots of size 11 and some size 12 shoes. I bought a couple of pairs of black and brown business sling backs in size 11 and 12. When I tried them on my left strap slipped down. I now knew that, ironically, I had a problem keeping straps on my left foot. It seems slightly smaller than my right and ever since I always lose the strap on my left heel. Some straps I have the buckle tied on the last hole on my left and the first hole on my right and the left falls off while the right never does. These shoes from Payless stretched out wonderfully, moulding to my foot and softening. my left strap got looser and looser even though I kept tightening it and eventually I always left it down while wearing them at home. On one pair my right strap slipped on and off after I wore it out completely, which was an awesome feeling for me. I kept buying, wearing for a month then feeling guilty and throwing them out. I'd then go get another pair a month down the track and repeat the process. It must have cost me so much money over the years. Eventually my good hiding place was found and I had to go through everything again with my Mum. I tried to explain what it was but same said she didn't want those shoes in her house. She was upset and didn't really want to understand, although I couldn't blame her I suppose. At 22 I met my girlfriend, who I still with now. I shifted out with her at 23 and subsequently got more freedom. I bought many pairs of slingbacks and pumps I could fit into and I became more active on this site, trying to communicate with others and learn more about this love of women's shoes. My girlfriend didn't know, I wore them only when she was out and hid them when she came home. However the cycle of guilt continued and I kept throwing my shoes away, abstaining and then buying again. I began writing stories, such as 'A night out in my flopping, clopping peep toes sling backs' where I imagined myself wearing slingbacks, sandals and pumps out and getting away with it. I even claimed that the stores were real in an effort to try and make more high heel friends to talk to, because I'd never been able to talk to anyone about it before. Although my feelings of guilt resurfaced when I bought heels, I became more accepting of this part of me in general. I no longer thought it was 'wrong' or 'sick' or a bad part of me, although I still swept a lot of my feelings under the carpet so to speak and just tried to move on with things. In general, I don't like dwelling on negatives or getting caught up with baggage like so many others. I was bullied a lot as a kid but instead of carrying it with me I developed a thick skin, a quick wit and an ability to laugh at myself and move on with confidence. This 'toughness' and ability to stay confident allowed me to not get too weighed down with my high heel issues, but the downside was I never really explored it, only in dribs and drabs such as occasional posts on this site and trying to chat to people with similar issues. ......still more to come.
  14. Thanks south park, much appreciated! By the way if anyone has any ideas or experiences that you think would make a great 'Get your slap on' story I'd love to hear them! Anyone else out there who has been 'getting their slap on' or has seen someone else?
  15. Pumps and boots are my favourites but I am growing fond of mary janes as well :)

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