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  1. So how is your work at becoming heeled 24/7 coming? How old are you? I was in my late 20's when it finally got to the point of not walking barefoot. Today I am 24/7 in heels and only during a bath or when I go swimming am I not in heels. Sheryl

  2. I love the Pleasers sandals you chose as your heel trainers. Keep up the great work, and keep posting pictures.

  3. i now mostly wear 5 inch heels... occasionally 4 inch if i have a lot of walking to do.
  4. wollongong hey, i'm just south of batemans bay, best success on the move.. i know what u mean on walking longer distances.. i can go all day around the house, in my heels. but when i did finally go out on the street in sydney, i was buggered after walking my first couple hundred meters. that has made me grow to admire ladies a lot more because of the endurance factor. especially the girls like yourself who are prepared to be permenant in heels. i wish u all the success in getting yourself there. well done! i wish i could be able to wear my heels anywhere, but it isnt easy in some areas. keep up the great work, polymorph.

  5. well, i work in sydney, but i live in wollongong right now. I'll be moving into sydney at the end of the month though, if everything goes well :3 it's been pretty tricky to adjust to 24/7 in high heels... i've found i'm now taking a taxi to work instead of walking from the train station - i just can't walk that far yet >_

  6. Thanks. are u from sydney? i'm about 3hours south, & go upto sydney often & wear my heels out when there. i cant do it here where i live. too small of a town, everybody knows everyone. i love getting pedicures & wearing stiletto sandals when getting them.

  7. hi.. would u be ok with chatting to an aussie guy who also loves wearing heels?

  8. Name: Eris Age: 21 Gender: Female Location: Australia Occupation: Sex worker / musician Height: 6'4" Weight:71 kg Shoe size: 12 AUS What's your favourite heel style: Stilleto What's your favourite shoe style: boots Do you wear your heels outside: yes What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 5 inchs ( Your highest heel height: 5 inchs How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: Always ( Your highest heel height: always Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: barefoot Anything else you wish to add:
  9. i wear 5 inch heels more or less 24/7... if i need to do a lot of walking though, i go with 4 inch heels.
  10. heh, i'm MtF... i guess i just tend to word things weirdly. It's great to see i'm not the only one on here though thanks for the welcomes!
  11. hey there the name's Eris. i'm a transgender girl, and until recently i was a bit of a tomboy... lately, i've been getting into dressing and acting more feminine. About a month ago, i discovered the fun of wearing heels, and i'm not going back :3
  12. How tall are you? 6ft 4in Are you happy with your height? it would be nice to be shorter... oh well. Does your height have any bearing on why you wear heels? nope, i just love how they look and feel to wear :3 What would be your perfect height? probably 5'4" How does your height compare to your partner? my gf is about 6'1"
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