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  1. Home alone for 24 more days. You bet I'm in heels!  I asked my wife if she could feel the magic when putting on heels. She said no. Too bad.

    1. Pierre1961


      What a question! What did you expect? LOL 

  2. Its so rare to see a classic pump now with that pep toe platform slingback crap out there. And the big color now is Band-Aid beige!

  3. So, what happens now? Anyone love those pumps here?

  4. I've tried to tell my wife that heels are the ultimate of a design and I want them. all she can relate to is the pain. The longer I wear them the better they feel. I just HATE to take them off. It gives me that same sad feeling that you feel on the last evening of a vacation. Even if they hurt I don't want to take them off. I think I'd wear them to bed if I could get away with it. I did take a nap recently so i could wake up in heels. Very nice. Wearing heels puts me in my happy place!

  5. Yes, they are nice but I prefer them without the taps. One of the reasons plays can be nice is the girls wear "character shoes" which are black maryjanes. I don't like the beige ones but would like them to put the gold buckles on the black ones as the do on the beige ones.

  6. WOW, the mister has got gams and beautiful heels! He could be a shoe model!

  7. A woman at the grocery store a few minutes ago was wearing perfect black leather pumps and jeans. I just wish I could 1. take a picture ( I always have my camera 2. ask her if she knows how drop dead beautiful they are!

  8. I don't know all the rules and I'm not looking to get in any trouble but just wanted to say I like your maryjanes picture.

  9. Could you pull up the pant leg a bit on picture #24. Like to see the strap please!

  10. I'm on your side, pumps are best.

  11. HI; I'm new and happy to find a place for us who love one of the most beautiful man made items in the world. I have been in my heels for 9 & 1/2 hours so far today. Many times my toes have requested release but I haven't given in. The strap across the top prevents an easy escape. My wife has been watching for several days as I log the hours. If anyone wants to hear the details I'd be glad to tell all.

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