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  1. Yes, they are nice but I prefer them without the taps. One of the reasons plays can be nice is the girls wear "character shoes" which are black maryjanes. I don't like the beige ones but would like them to put the gold buckles on the black ones as the do on the beige ones.

  2. Yes, this is the bubba from south atlantic coast......deep south would be on toward the gulf coast.

  3. Hi there, Since you like MaryJanes, have you ever worn a pair of Tap Dancing Shoes?? It is so mucyh fun and I have taken tap lessons so I could use the high heel MaryJane Tap Shoes. You should try a pair of them

  4. Hi there, what size shoe do you wear?? I would love to let you wear my heels and dance in them. Do you have a hard floor where you are??

  5. I would love to go show shopping with you and then let you wear some of my high heels and have fun with them. I love to wear my heels barefoot and get them moving on a dance floor

  6. Wow. and to think I was the only one here that got excited when a woman would tap her high heels on a hard floor. it is definately music to my ears and I could sit and watch the heels of the shoes hit the floor. I wonder how many of you would react being around a female tap dancer wearing 3 or 4 inch heels as she would dance. I know how I would be.
  7. Pennsylvania, The Pocono Northeast. I would love to meet other heel wearers in the same area.
  8. Well what can I say. I just love the way heels click on a hard floor very much. When I walk in my heels, I love to step hard enough so my heels could click loudly on a floor. In fact, I took up tap dancing so I could tap in heels.
  9. She still looks great with the heels worn with her jeans. I love that look. I love the fact she is wearing those heels barefoot and she is on that hard floor. I am also trying to imagine how those heels sound on that Ceramic tiled floor.
  10. Adeana: I took a look at those new heels you bought at TJ MAXX, and all I got to say, ""YOU GO, GIRL!!!"" They are hot. If you wear them barefoot, they would look even hotter showing off you nice toes. I should go and find a TJMAXX around here.
  11. Just having a hard floor around, Who can ask for anything more. I love when someone dances with heels on. Now that can really be music to my ears hearing the heels hit the floor to the rhythm of the music.
  12. Hi Mr. X Like you, I love wearing high heels a lot but not with skirts or dresses. I wear my heels with jeans and a T-shirt. My favorite styles of heels to wear are high heel sandals and open toe pumps. Heels do look great with jeans and I just love how they sound on a hard floor.
  13. Great Job. I bet you get a lot of attention when you walk on a hard floor in those high heel sandals. The sexy clicks and then the nice sparkle of your toenails in your heels. Way to go.
  14. Nice choice of high heels there. I love them. They would make great dancing heels
  15. Hi Chris You have some hot looking heels there. I love the way you wear them with your pants and also without hose. I love the pumps and those sexy sandals. I have quite a few pair of high heel sandals, open toe pumps, pumps, and dance shoes. I hope to see more heels in your collection in the near future.
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