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  1. HeelsFun_D

    hi from brussels!

    Well hello, nice to finally meet someone from the same country as I am. I hope we can be friends, perhaps even meet in real life and be friends.
  2. HeelsFun_D

    Three Little Words

    knows some Latin
  3. HeelsFun_D

    Word Association Game

  4. HeelsFun_D

    Word Association Game

  5. HeelsFun_D

    Confidence in heels

    When a certain baroness at some in history had a pair of high heels designed especially for her, it was because she wanted to look taller, and thereby more powerful. I guess you must be feeling some similar thing. Albeit unconsciously. But I'm just guessing. Personally, whenever I wear heels, I'm not sure what it is that I feel. At best, it just feels different from the usual flat men's shoes, and somehow even exhilarating.
  6. HeelsFun_D

    Let's get to know each other

    Name: N/A Age: 26 Gender: M Location: Belgium Occupation: N/A Height: 1m80 Weight: unknown Shoe size: 44 What's your favourite heel style: stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: boot Do you wear your heels outside: not yet What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 5" ( Your highest heel height: 5" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: as often as I can ( Your highest heel height: same Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: socks Anything else you wish to add: nope
  7. A few years ago, I had bought my first pair of high heels. They were black boots, with five inch heels. And though they are my personal favorite, I never quite dared to walk around in them. At least not out in the open. I've worn them quite a few times, walked in them, all inside the house. I'd dare say I've worn them more than any other shoe I own, including the ones I do wear in public. I had the idea of putting them on and going for a walk, once around the block (I believe you'd call it). I figured, since I've lived in that particular area for four and a half years by then, it was familiar enough, so why not? But then I had to move to a new location, to a new area, that I was completely unfamiliar with, making me even more nervous to go do anything. Now, it's been a year (give or take a month) since I've moved here. I suppose I am more familiar with the area this time, so I decided to try it now. I waited until 0240 hours, when most of the people are asleep, put on some dark clothes, and a hoodie so to obscure my face, at least enough so nobody would notice I'm not really a woman, put on my black high heeled boots, took one deep breath as my heart was palpitating eratically in my chest, opened my front door, checked my pockets to make sure I do have my key, walked out, closed the door behind me, and started walking. It was an interesting experience. For one thing, when I usually hear the sound of clicking heels, I would turn to look at the girl/woman wearing them. It was a strange feeling to know that the this time I was the source of the clicking. Only two times did I stop walking, but not for why you'd expect me to. I stopped once, because I was afraid that I was wearing down my heels, and a second time because I saw someone in a distance and I didn't want to draw his attention. Other than that, I came across two people, neither of which stopped to talk to me, and if they noticed something peculiar about me, they didn't show it. Eventually, I made it back to my front door. I'm still a little shaken from the experience, but not out of fear. Maybe it's the adrenaline that hasn't worn of just yet. But I can tell one thing for sure: it was an incredible feeling, one I'd wish to go through again. So whenever I feel the urge again, I'll put on a pair of my heels (other than these black boots) and go once around the block. Maybe even two blocks. Or perhaps go somewhere public. To borrow from a character in "Stargate SG-1": I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  8. HeelsFun_D

    Word Association Game

  9. HeelsFun_D

    Which Heel Would You Wear?

    Stilettos, definately stilettos. I'm open for other types as well, but the stilettos will always be my favorite.
  10. Some of you have heard of the writer Michael Palmer, who wrote the book "The Second Opinion". It's original English publication has a... not so interesting book cover, but it's Dutch translation... well, just look at its cover on the following link: http://boeken.gva.be/genres/details/p/de-second-opinion
  11. Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed that her shoes visibly changed from heels to flats during this movie. I can understand that this happens often in many movies/tv-shows for practical reasons, but that creates a lot of continuity mistakes. In this movie, I guess it could be explained that her shoes were Transformers as well (hey, they have two of those living in their house, so why not?), transforming from heels into flats when need be.
  12. HeelsFun_D

    Heels = Sex Appeal

    I would say it has some kind of sex appeal. If you take me for instance, seeing any random woman wear heels is something that (for a lack of better terms) gets to me. But seeing my sisters or my mother wear heels... doesn't exactly feel right (again, for a lack of better terms).
  13. HeelsFun_D

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Haven't got them yet, however I have placed a bid on a pair of white boots with black 4" heels on ebay. Unless somebody else bids on it within the next 24 hours, those should be mine. But my actual latest boots are a pair of black so-called slouch ones. They're flat, but I thought I'd give that a try for a change.
  14. Hello, What can I say, I'm a guy who likes to see women wear high heels, and at some point even started wearing them on my own. Can't say I've ever done that in public, though I hope I can one day.
  15. HeelsFun_D


    Well hello. Hope we can be friends.

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