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  1. Lovely collection. Love to see piccies of you wearing them!
  2. Fantastic outfit and the boots are devine

  3. I have five piercings all done by myself after extensive research and love them all. They are all nipple and below so no one can se but love the cold metal inside me!
  4. So love the shoes Im a 6 inch person myself and my g/f is 5.5inch with 7 inch for going out certainly turns heads!

  5. I will this is a petrol blue neoprene dress, very tight and my favourite 5inch white thigh boots
  6. What is the damage like? Are they patent leather or Patent PU?
  7. Not been on for a while so heres another piccie. I have been training and now wear 6 inch all the time!
  8. Beverlyheel you are indeed a lucky guy to have a partner who wears such wonderful shoes!
  9. Love your vids! Very nice collection of shoes, Susan.

  10. Love your shoes and your look. Absolutely stunning!

  11. Love your heels and corsets. The instructional video was very good. I admire you!

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