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  1. Hello from Germany

    Hi there and welcome as well. Where in Germany are you (I am as well). Cheers, Pat
  2. Hello, from NZ

    Hi Stilettonz ! wow how great is the internet. with this thread alone we can see how international we heelswearing men are ! Hi to IBL70 as well, hi to France where I lived a long time ! Hope to get in touch with a lot of international Heelers (including women of course :-) !)
  3. Chiao - I´m new here

    Hi Maninskirt, I am new here as well and am impressed about what you write. Well and a bit envious :-) ! Would love to be free as you are, with accepting girlfriend and be able to wear what I want at work... wow how great that would be. Well getting late here, anyway looking forward to reading more from you ! Bye for now. Pat
  4. Hi ! I'm new !

    Wow that was fast, just posted my introduction and aldeady 3 replies ! Thanks a lot guys :-) !
  5. A new Frenchie here

    Salut KalilaInLeather comment ça va ? I'll stop with the french so the others can read, I lived in France for a very long time, so nice to see someone from France here. Even as man, I love high heels and saw that there are plenty of others here. I am new as well, looking forward to getting in touch with a lot of nice people.
  6. Hi from Cheshire, Uk

    Hi and welcome DJCHESHIRE1. I am new as well, looking forward to getting in touch with a lot of nice people here.
  7. So I don't know whether this is the right place to say a first "Hi!" as I actually am a Man. I saw that there is another section "for men" so I might say hi there as well. Anyway, Hi from Germany. Found this forum and it's great to see there are other guys like me who love heels. Well actually I not only love heels, but also skits. No need for the heels to be the highest, but certainly shoes that can be found in the Women selection are much more fun and good looking. Obviously, I haven't read all the forum yet. I don't know wether there are others from Germany here. Unfortunately I have never found anyone who is OK with my... well I wouln't call it fetish, more taste... and even less women or girlfriend. OK it's a dream, I've read that some of the guys like me here have girlfriends that accept or even like it. That's so great ! So I interessted to hear about what Women have to say about that as well. So it's probably not such a bad idea to present myself here in that section of the forum ! Looking formwad to hearing... well reading from you all, men or women. Bye for now ! Pat