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  1. I'm still alive! I just don't have much in the way to contribute these days as I never really get to go out in my heels or anything so I don't generally post! But I do have a big one for you.... Last weekend I wanted to go to Chadstone Shopping Centre with a friend to get her opinion on these black suede heels with a full shiny gold heel. But before we went to the store they were in, I always like to drop by David Jones Store and check out the Christian Louboutin section . As I was admiring the amazing shoes they had on display I picked a couple up and they happened to be my size so I thought
  2. Took a picture on Saturday out of pure boredem...
  3. Thankyou everybody for the kind words! I'll definitely try and get my hands on a copy of bardot's company newsletter IF I do make it in there and i'll post it up on here for you all to see!
  4. Wow, sorry for being MIA for a while guys and girls! It's been well over a month since I posted up my last 'happening'. I recently caught up with a friend of mine as we'd been planning to see each other for a few weeks but it got cancelled last minute due to weather and tiredness on both our parts. We decided to go for dinner at a very nice restaurant near both of us. I wore a plain black long sleeved top, tight khaki paints and my patent cherry red Tony Bianco's I got a few looks, the usual glance, but nothing said and I couldn't have cared less anyway as I was there to catch up with my fri
  5. Who apart from my Girlfriend knows...? hmmm... EVERYBODY!
  6. Thanks heely1! I LOVE the heels in your avatar! are they yours??? They're gorgeous!
  7. Thanks again everyone! I can't wait to be out with friends again in my heels! For all the ups and downs lately, when i'm around my friends being who I am, I think to myself.. wow, this was all so worth it! it's an amazing feeling!
  8. Thanks again everybody for your response's! Last night I was invited over to a friend's place that I hadn't seen for a while for a BBQ, I was tossing up in my head all day long whether to go in heels or be boring and normal. At the last minute I messaged my friend who invited me and asked her if she was wearing heels and she said she wasn't but that if I wanted to then it wouldn't be a problem and I had nothing to worry about So as I got dressed I put on my skinny blue jeans, threw on a grey hoody because it was pretty cold last night! and to match it up a little bit I wore my grey heels. M
  9. Thankyou to everyone that took the time out to read my post, it's been a crazy month and things are still settling down. Thanks Steve, I understand completely what you mean about baby steps easing the shock. That might have been better for him, but for me, this is how I wanted to go about it, and at the end of the day it wasn't his decision to make, it was mine and it would always have been mine. That probably sounds extremely selfish, but if you can't make yourself happy then nobody can and you'll be no good to help make other people happy either, and isn't that a major aspect of
  10. I've been off here for a little while now. Big changes have happened in my life and it's been a very emotional month. My dad quit his job with a certain German automotive company that he's been with for over 30 years to come and join us doing timber flooring with the intention of me and him starting out on our own doing floors once he has gained enough experience. We'd been put together to only do jobs for the one company but through the company we work for, so we were together all day everyday. Anyway one day driving home from work in the van 'Dude looks like a lady' comes on the radio and h
  11. So there's been a huge change in my life and heels. I am now completely open about it with anyone and everyone, it's there for everybody to see and it feels amazing! read my post about it here in the "heels and parents" thread: http://www.hhplace.org/topic/19614-heels-and-parents/page__st__20#entry291973
  12. Well just an update on my previous post in this thread. I was chatting with my dad the other day and he came out with "I know you have your issues, but I still love you" to which I replied... "I don't have issues, YOU have issues with me" I've taken a massive stand in sticking 1 big finger up to everyone who doesn't like me for who I am, and i'm opening my arms up wide to everybody who does! After a complete admission openly on Facebook about who I am, I have had many people message me saying how inspiring they think I am and how proud of me they are. And so far, nobody has said a bad thing
  13. they're pretty average....
  14. Here's a pic of my car for anybody interested It's only a 2000 Mitsubishi CE Lancer Coupe I've modified a little bit
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