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  1. This is my first post in this forum and am still finding my way round. I've had many boots made by MJ and the photo is one of them. 30 inches tall. As some have said the fit is not always right and others have found the fit good. In my experience I've found most of MJ boots very tight around the in-step despite giving measurements for a more generous fit. Having said that his boots are usually good and MJ is always helpful. My feet are wide. What’s it like wearing? Well, heads will be turning, I promise you that especially a man wearing them. I've had a lot of compliments from both guys and women. Turning to the real issue of how they fit: Depends on the heel height you choose and if you are outside your comfort zone for heels. Start off with a more practical heel height for you say 4inches. That's what I've got as all my other boots are lower. Walking in them for me is fine for me now after I have walked around in them for a while. It's really exciting receiving your boots and them pulling them on. It’s a strange experience pulling on such a tall boot for the first time. It got stuck many times. (Tip - use a small plastic bag like you get in supermarkets in the UK when you select your loose vegetables. That helps). Once pulled on the feeling is amazing and you'll be able to walk in the home ok as you have restricted movement in your home. The leather is quite hard and needs to be broken-in at the knee especially when sitting. It will feel uncomfortable at first but very quickly the leather will mold into your shape. Going out in them for the first time was great but found walking in them hard after five minutes Maybe that’s because where I live its not flat ground but a steep hill with up and down gradients. I've mastered that now and find walking and sitting in them fine. They certainly keep your legs warm in winter. I would also say that the boot you are interested in is , well lets say rare, not common. That makes it much more interesting. I think boot wearers should have atleast one thigh high boot in their collection. Go for it. PS - Never have bee good at taking selfies!
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