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  1. First Time Heels in Public - Scotland

    Hey sefir! You do what you want to do. I’ve been wearing heels for a while only told my wife recently, and she’s fine with it. I’ve never had the courage to go outside in them but would 100% love to one day! And those heels you bought are nice Hope you have a lot of future adventures in them!
  2. Who has bought some new shoes

    Second pair are lovely!
  3. I feel very lucky! Trust me haha
  4. Yes me and my partner are both size 9s
  5. Help find heels

    Yeah number 2 and 4 are the best ones in my opinion, but each to their own I say
  6. I did mention to my partner about shaving my legs and she said “hell no!” I just wanted to know if she’s rather me with shaved legs whilst wearing heels.
  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    Ordered these today, off a seller on eBay i use. I’ve also got these in red I love them so much I need them in light cream! Down below are the red ones I’m wearing today whilst chilling out all day
  8. New Here

    As Cat said. Don’t care what other people think. Same as me, I’m as straight as can be but you can’t help your love for heels/boots. You either love them or hate them and most of us love them.
  9. Things have got a lot better. My partner has really accepted my love for heels and doesn’t mind me wearing them. I only wear them when it’s me and her and I’m happy with that. Today we are having a heel day, I’ll be wearing my red heels for the whole day. I don’t have the confidence to wear them outside yet but that will come, so I’ll be having a lazy day whilst wearing my heels! Sounds like a plan to me! Thank for everyone’s comments
  10. UGH!!!

    What is that? I feel like being sick
  11. How do I tell her?

    Just tell her. Best to be open about it, keeping it to yourself will only make things worse. Trust me, I’ve been there.
  12. Gutted

    I found myself looking at women in heels from a young age, what women doesn’t look good in a pair of stilletos? It started off as a fetish because I didn’t really know and thought it was wrong for a man to wear heels but since joining this forum it’s opened my eyes up and realised that it’s fine. I admire all type of heels, small or big. I’d wear heels everyday if I could just because they look amazing. I’ve recently told my partner about my heel addiction and how far it’s gone and somehow she’s fine with it, she was abit freaked out that I hid it from here but then I explained and everything was ok. We keep it very strict as we do live next door to my in laws and we do have kids so it’s just strictly at night. I’m totally fine with that. I told my partner and we have a house,two kids and a cat! I could’ve lost everything, but I gambled and it worked. Life is a whole gamble. What if I done that, what if I done this. Just do what you feels best.
  13. A new purchase I had received today. Bought them from Quiz for £29. Not my usual type of heel as I like them to be a lot higher but they are very nice so say the least! Been walking in them today and they felt good
  14. Who has bought some new shoes

    It's not normally my style of heels either but I tried them on and really liked them. Still prefer my red heels tho haha