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  1. Rhys

    Who has bought some new shoes

    So, i haven't had much time to come on here anymore as Ive been busy with work but i bought these a few months ago. Havent worn them much but they've been stored in my suitcase as ive been working away a lot but their lovely and comfy!
  2. Someone on eBay was selling shoes like deadpool wears the other day
  3. As i worked very hard all week i decided to chill out and relax in these heels, their old heels and some of you have seen them before but, i always end up coming back to these heels for some reason.
  4. Rhys

    My first public heel adventure

    What a very nice look! Nice legs, nice latex leggings and very nice heels. An amazing outfit, have fun with it
  5. Rhys

    Who has bought some new shoes

    You’re exactly like me pumped. Higher the better. I feel so powerful when I wear 6”+ heels. I like the lace at the top of the heels, a steal for $36. Nice find
  6. Rhys

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Love that look!
  7. I’m a coach driver and I’m always in London, there’s people always dressing up for any occasion. You will see people dressed up I can assure you.
  8. Rhys

    Pain relief....

    Putting words into my mouth..I only said I was slim. Who said only overweight people suffer from foot pain? Change that tone girl.
  9. Rhys

    Anyone living in Munich?

    I know the meet was a long time ago! I passed munich 6 days ago and I’m passing Munich tonight. Took a group of children to Austria skiing.
  10. Rhys

    Pain relief....

    My wife only really wears her heels when it’s me and her or on nights out. Her job doesn’t allow her to wear heels. Years ago she couldn’t get into a pair of heels, she’s struggled as she never wore them before meeting me.
  11. Rhys

    Pain relief....

    My wife has got Topshop Black 2 Strap Feather Sandal and she’s has done what’s been said, she found it helped her a lot. She could normally wear heels all through the night with a little bit of pain but with using the tape she was pain free, ofc your still going to get some pain but she said it was 99% bareable and don’t notice it. Hope I’ve managed to help someone. With me, being so slim I could wear heels all day/night and I don’t really have a problem, which is a bonus for me but my wife hates me (in a loving way) haha!
  12. Rhys

    your opinion

    Like others I would normally got for a heel but the pair on your right foot look better Ties in with the outfit
  13. Rhys

    Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    A women who can stand proud in high heels is one of the most attractiveness things ever! Second is both me and my wife wearing them! Haha!
  14. Some very confident women on that page, I like that in a women! They walk in any sort of heels and ride a bike! What’s not to like? Haha.
  15. Rhys

    New designer boots!

    That’s the first thing I thought, they look very very powerful!

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