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  1. Just bought the Steve Madden Daisy in Rose Gold yesterday. I found them at Macy's Back Stage Dept. for $30. I usually can get into a size US 9 but had to get 10s. Still tight as hell, but really SHARP LOOKING. They look good with both dark and faded jeans.
  2. Thanks to everyone for all the advise. I agree with variables being a major factor. Construction and heel design do contribute to successful heeling. I have noticed some shoe designers place the heel way back almost in line with the back of the heel cup. I find these styles almost impossible to walk in. As for fit, shoe sizing is all over the place. It's almost like throwing darts at the board. In male shoes I wear size 8 - 8 1/2, but in women's my collection includes 8 1/2 - 10 which for me means the size is just a number to start from. Some 8 1/2s I can't even get into and others fit O.K., some 10s fit tight and others slide off after walking awhile, making it more difficult and "less confident" I plan to continue wearing these Steve Madden's and Justfab's until I have mastered them. Like you say PRACTICE!!! Thanks again, WalkingTall
  3. Since I am still new to wearing heels I'm asking for advise/help. As I have mentioned before, the look of the heels is what attracts me, so I'm into stilettos pumps with pointed toes. My collection consists of pumps with 4 3/4 and 5 inch heel height with no platform, which I wear daily. Last week, I came across two pairs of heels, also no platforms, which have 5 3/8 inch heel height. As soon as I tried them on I knew I had to have them. Because of their styling - having only a heel cup and a minimal toe box, they show off most of the foot. The extra heel height angles and arches the foot down and the pitch is emphasized which I find HOT! The problem is that I am having trouble walking in them. I don't mean the discomfort/pain from the additional height, that I can deal with. The thing is I am walking slow and small steps - just can't get up to my usual gait. Can't believe that 1/2 inch could make such a difference. My question: I there a trick or way of walking that would help me walk normal? Or is it just practice, practice and more practice? I really want to wear them more - they're HOT LOOKING. Thanks, Walking Tall
  4. After reading other members posts about wearing heels publicly and their positive experiences, I started to feel envious. So on Thursday, I decided to "Bite the Bullet" and wear my heels out. Now I didn't go all the way like shopping at the mall. What I did do was kill two birds with one stone - I took the dog for a walk and wore heeled boots. The boots are a pair of brown Enzo Angiolini knee length with an almond toe and a 4 inch stiletto heel. My jeans were over boots and long covering most of the heel. Leaving the house the dog and I walked one block to the main street and around the local lagoon park and then three blocks to the paved trail that runs along the S.F. Bay. Coming across the first walker, I got nervous and crossed to the other side of the street in order to avoid him. The next couple I ran into, I said to myself F#@&k It and greeted them and walked on by. I continued in this manner for the next hour and 45 minutes passing several people on the trail. Really, I don't think anyone noticed - too busy in their own worlds or texting. For me it was a good sensation - Out and About in heels and the dog enjoyed the walk as much as I did. Walking Tall
  5. Hi Mlroseplant, Though I don't wear my heels publicly, having a large piece of property (by S.F. Bay standards) I spend a lot of time walking on exposed stone cement walkways doing yard work. I have experienced the same problem, not in such a short period of time, but to ruin the heel tips so that I don't want to wear them on the indoor surfaces - hardwood floors, tile and linoleum. I have seen on Youtube demonstrations of replacing heel tips yourself and on Ebay sites that sell the heel tips every reasonably. I have been thinking of giving it a shot. Have you ever tried doing it? Walking Tall
  6. Hi Aleks, Good job! You are young enough to carry those off easily. Wish I could. As far as making excuses, don't worry about it just buy them. I was in retail most of my life, 52 years to be exact., 35 of those years in the Bridal Industry. We not only sold bridal but also evening gowns and accessories. We had many male customers. Our philosophy was - make the customer comfortable, to feel at home, get them what they wanted, help them look their very best and make NO JUDGEMENTS! So as far as the sales staff, they probably just want to sell the merchandise. WalkingTall
  7. Hi nzfreestyler, First of all to say your post to Jeremy was good and thoughtful. To answer your questions. No I don't have the confidence to wear heels publicly, yet. But why do you suspect that I don't wear heels daily. I do wear heels daily, 4-5 hours before I need to leave the house and another 5+ when I return. I wear them both indoors and outdoors. When I said that I choose a pair for her, the style isn't some teenage or stripper heels not appropriate for her age, but something stylish. Now, I'm not the youngest rooster in the barnyard, but that doesn't mean that I am going to wear plaid wool shirt and a tie nor I am going to wear distressed jeans with holes. I am just saying shoes with style and a little flair.
  8. Jetheelsfan I feel that you hit the nail on the head. Reading what you wrote was like reading my own story. Now I wear heels that are HOTTER & higher than my girlfriend. (She is too conservative and up tight about some issues doesn't know about my heeling .) When we go shopping and I choose a pair of sexy heels and she answers "Your Kidding" and picks out a pair of granny conservatives, I want to puke. I don't understand. Anyway that's life. Walkingtall
  9. I'm not into skirts or fancy hose. But all your shoes, especially the red pair ring my bell! Good taste. Walkingtall
  10. Hi Gibby, Often I wear heels that are too tight. Truth be told, most of my heels are tighter than they should be. There are two main reasons why I buy them tight. First of all I am addicted to the stylish look that a pair of spiky stilettos with narrow pointed toes creates. Even though I only wear a men's 8 which is small for my height, my feet are not narrow. Thus this style shapes my feet into the look I want. Secondly, I buy most of my heels at thrift stores where you either take what they have or leave it . So when I see a pair of stilettos I like, my addiction kicks in and I get into them. Good example, last week I saw a pair of Jessica Simon's pumps that have a nice cut to them in size 9. When I tried them on I said s#*t too tight, but looking in the mirror I saw by scrunching my toes they created really HOT toe cleavage. Because of the look I had to get them. I don't wear heels in public, yet. I do wear heels every day from 4-8 hours at a time. I am aware of the effects that too tight shoes can cause, but like any addiction the desire over powers. As far as you wearing your tight sandals, like the others have said - wear them around the house and when your feet are sore change to something else. Just do what makes you happy! Walkingtall
  11. Yes. I really wasn't forced but more coerced by a friend to wear a pair of stilettos. To make a long story short, it was a challenge that turned into a monetary bet that I refused to loose. So I ended up wearing a pair of 5 inch stiletto that are kind of too tight for 16 hours. My feet really didn't hurt until the last 3 or 4 hours, but it felt good to be able to push the limit. Anyway, I won the bet and my friend paid up and I had a good time. Maybe later I will post the whole experience in the stories forum.
  12. I have a few comments about these elevator shoes. First of all, I agree with heels59. This product "won't scratch that itch." Secondly, I am in agreement with Tacchi Alti. In order to accommodate the increase heel height, the heel cap needs to be disproportionately high. Therefore giving the shoe an orthopedic look. For me the look "style" of the shoe is very important. Thirdly, the time I saw someone wearing this type of boot, I didn't like the effect. I am sure we can all agree that our gait and stance are different when we are wearing heels then when wearing flat shoes, especially men's shoes. I was at a thrift shop when I saw this guy in jeans and work boots. I noticed when he walked and moved it wasn't natural look. I studied him more closely and determined he was walking as if he were wearing high heels. I thought to myself that's strange. But when he crouched down to look at an item on the floor, and his pant cuff went up I could see his ankle about 3 inches above the boot top. He had to have a substantial lift in the boot which would explain his posture and walk. Now, I am not putting him or anyone else down in anyway. What I am saying for me personally, the look of rugged work boots and the gait and stance caused high heels doesn't work. It is like mixing water and oil.
  13. walkingtall


    You have to give them credit. They have the guts to actually try and sell those (what shall I call them shoes?) Not to me, I wouldn't take them if they offered them free.
  14. Hi Rhys, Welcome to the group. I really have no advise for you. Though not married, I am in a similar situation. My girlfriend is conservative and I'm sure would not understand the extent of my passion for heels. She knows I like shoes and clothes but not wearing heels. Luckily we don't live together all the time, so I can indulge when I am alone at my own place. You know your wife and have decide if she would be accepting and to pick the right time. I just wanted you to know there are others of us who have partners that don't know all our passions. You are not alone. Good Luck! '
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