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  1. Sorry to hear it cancelled. Wish there was something like this in the Mid-West..
  2. Thanks for the tip on the conditioner
  3. Jealous! Ballet heels are on my bucket list..
  4. Great video, I hope boots like that become popular....
  5. I almost always wear "support" hose or tights in the cooler months. My legs feel so much fresher.
  6. I have the same problem def gonna try the stretching exercises..
  7. I sure hope so, at least become more acceptable..
  8. In the cooler months I always wear pantyhose or tights under my pants. Plus I like the feel of heels and hose so it is pantyhose mostly for me
  9. I usually go concealed under long jeans and wear a clunky less noticable type but someday want to wear a pointed pump stilletto out with jeans or pants that show the shoe...
  10. Wish I had your courage.. One can dream that your outfit becomes a style for men in the future.
  11. A skin colored nude or tan goes with everything. Black with Black.
  12. Way to be! Wish I could do that..
  13. What really made this work well is the 2 shoes used. The outer shoe is a high-top canvas style shoe that we very light and really held the inner shoe snugly (especially considering it was a couple sizes too big) Another key was removing the insoles and using papertowl. I am considering using a light foam or something to secure the inner shoe permanently. I don't know if I would try this with a non wedge heel or not, I bet it would have to be at least a chunky heel. But the wedge boot worked VERY well. Didn't feel a lot different that wearing the boots by themselves.
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