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  1. Wow... at $39. they are fun. At $300 they are a mistake.
  2. I have to admit, I was definitely going to buy these because they look so out of the ordinary. However, they were already sold and they are one of a kind. Pretty cool eh?
  3. I am pretty sure I had those. I've never found pleaser boots fun to walk in. I love the look... but seem to be more designed for style than function. You could take them in a bag somewhere and put them on after you got to the location if you want to avoid the hills.
  4. privileged shoes Starlet Got them at DSW in the clearance rack. They are $90 on the Privileged website, but were around $25 in the store. 4.5 inch heel Very comfortable. Though I don't generally like toes as pointed as these are.
  5. You were able to put a lot more into a paragraph than I ever could. Thanks for sharing... Fair enough.
  6. I've done a lot of clearing out of the closet the past few months. I also realized I haven't done a lot of posting. I'm going to try and remedy that with images every few days of what has been moved out of the collection.
  7. I believe these are the same shoes. Though in the image, it appears the platform on yours are slightly higher.
  8. Thanks so very much. That is exactly how I see that one, which is why I like it so much given none of it was designed to be masculine... I will be the first to admit, I kind of shocked myself with how it worked.
  9. Correct. These are no-name and were probably about $15 at Mandee or Rainbow shops. Sort of bargain level women's clothing chains by me. I have some others similar to this and pants which can look great but tend to be less forgiving with movement. These look more like a fabric the closer you get, the benefit of which is they are breathable. I have other pants which are shinier and closer to a rubber or latex surface, but aren't very easy to get on or move in. However.... You will tend to need a shirt like what I am wearing here which drops in front because you may not be very happy with the "impression" you may make otherwise.
  10. Been a bit more adventurous the past few days. This is an office building near me that I chose to visit a little after most offices had closed. Can still run into people, but not nearly as likely as elsewhere or other times. I have a whole slew of pictures from the past few months to post eventually, but I like the way this one looks so I didn't want to put off posting it.
  11. I have to say, your confidence sure shows in your pictures.
  12. I am pretty certain I have these... or had them. It's a little sad that I don't actually know for sure right now. In any case, I love them.
  13. What is the maker? I'd like to see if I can't track down a pair... If not, at least I will know of a (maybe) new brand to look for.
  14. Yes, I agree. I am not a big fan of partial length zippers, though I don't think I ever consciously noticed I had a preference until you pointed that out.
  15. I'm able to open the link and it shows the shoes and has them listed as available, but only in sizes 6,7,8 Is there a chance that the site had your actual size set in their cookies, so for you they weren't available since they are sold out/discontinued in all sizes other than 6-8?
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