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  1. hernaezjames you got to learn to take your stilettos off when you drive.  The spike can get caught in the carpet...I know from experience.

    I admit that I am extremely lucky to have normal women's US size 10 feet, so I can shop almost anywhere.

    My first in-store was at Macy's when I tried on a short 1.5" heeled booties.  They fit, I got them and I wear them. Then I got the nerve to shop the women's department at DSW.  From there I got the courage to go to small boutiques. Now when I go shopping at a mall for any reason I always take the time to look at shoes. Look, hold, ask questions, and try-on what I want to without any hesitations.  I hardly ever have to say they are for me because I usually have heels on and any good shoe salesperson will always inspect the shoes you have on as you walk in.

    I love shopping for shoes in person it's the best way to find shoes that fit.  I especially enjoy the times when you are sitting next to another customer having a nice conversation about shoes and maybe even trying on the same shoes. However, sometimes you have no other choice than order over the internet, I'm 50/50 with success getting shoes that fit this way, just glad for free returns.

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  2. On 11/2/2016 at 7:41 PM, HeelsWearer said:

    I apologize if I've posted in the For The Guys section. I just noticed tonight the rules about men not posting in the ladies section. I for one enjoy visiting the guys section and I've either "liked" a post or made a comment (always positive :fine:) about a post. Is this taboo? Please clue me in here if I should stay out. Have a great night, Carol

    I'm new here but I would welcome your input as well as all member's input.  That's why I try to put my topics in the For Everybody forum.

    I voted in the "How HIGH a Stiletto can you wear & walk in WITH NO PLATFORM?!?!" in the For Girls Forum (5") but refrained from posting a reply.  There are so many topics in the women's forum that I would like to comment on. I wear heels all the time, so I feel I have some insight.  I feel my taste in foot wear is closer to many of the women here, I'm into boots/booties, wedges and sandals so I want to hear about what style women like to wear. And I wear 4+" inch heels

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  3. 7 hours ago, alphax said:

    @Cali  That is true and I stand corrected.  I was thinking of obviously fetish shoes with 2 inch or greater platforms, because fetish shoes and boots are all I think about, shoe-wise.  :cheeky:

    For me its less about a fetish more as a way of life. I need the 3 to 4 inch rise, so I wear heels.  And since I wear heels I might as well enjoy what I wear.  

  4. 1 hour ago, alphax said:

    Personally, I think platforms higher than 1 inch look a bit drag queen-ish, but if that's one's fetish, or if you're short and/or have short legs, then of course you should go for it.

    I don't think its the platform thickness along that makes a shoe look drag queen-ish.  Below are my Speedlimit 98 wedges, 2 inch wedge and 7 inch heels, but I don't think drag queen-ish. Very comfortable heels.


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  5. This might be considered heresy by some here, but I mean no harm.  Last year I had a multi-hour wait at an international airport for my flight to board so I was checking out the Duty Free shops and there was a Jimmy Choo store.  $2500 shoes.  Since I had the time to waste and there was no one shopping the store I was chatting up the sales lady while looking at the shoes.  I wanted to experience what a $2500 shoe felt like, so I asked to try on a pair.  Sadly they only carried up to a size 7 (mostly Asian clients).  The sale woman had never tried on a pair either since she was a size 8.  So has anybody tried or even owns a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes?  Where would you wear such shoes?  What makes them so special???

    Thanks in advance...Inquisitive minds want to know.

  6. On 11/11/2016 at 11:14 AM, Henri1942 said:

    I get a Mani Pedi every two weeks.  Being diabetic foot nail care is extremely important.  I cannot do justice to my toenails.  Therefore it was recommended by my Physician to get a Pedicure at least once per month to take care of ingrown toenails.  

    While there might as well get finger nails taken care of also.


    Being diabetic (no longer) I too was advised to take care of my feet.  So I have a professional pedicure every 2 (sometimes 3) weeks. I get the full spa pedi and enjoy the massages to my feet and legs.  When I first started I only got clear, now I will have the top nail art pedicurist asking to do my feet because they know I am not tame when it comes to nails.  I try to wear a different heel in for them each time.

    My fingers are done at a different salon about every two week where I get acrylic fill and gel polish. Currently I have lavender acrylic with Izzy Wizzy gel coat. 

    leopard shark nails 004.JPG

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  7. 4 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

    MUST? MUST???? My feelings are hurt!

    Sorry MRP, but if you wear sandal with a 4 + inch heel it is a MUST, it completes the look. It such a rush when the person next to you sees your color and just loves it, my last ombre was like that. 

    I have been painting my nails (or getting them painted) for at least 30 years, only in the last 10 years have I been showing them off.

    Logjam, my podiatrist loves my nails also. She told me she started to paint her young son's toes after seeing mine.

    ombre march 2017 003.JPG

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  8. It's no big deal. I see men with finger color as well.  I have acrylic fingernails with gel color.  I even have nail art done all the time on my toes and fingers.  Currently each toe has a different pastel color, an Easter basket.

    And if you get a pedicure go for the spa pedicure, the extra massages is worth every penny.

    If you wear open toe heels in the summer you MUST color your toenails.  No excuses not to get them done..

  9. I been reading some of the topics and it seems that many of you don't like platforms.  I love platforms just as long as the heel height is at least 3.5 inches higher (prefer 4+). So I have heels with 1/2 to 2 inch platforms 

    I think the heels with paper thin soles are just too painful for my feet.  What are your feelings about this.

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  10. 1 hour ago, mlroseplant said:

    Tip No. 1 and Tip No. 3 seem to be at odds with each other. I think as experienced heel wearers, we can tell the difference between shoes that are never going to work out, and shoes that might be quite nice with a little stretching and wear on them. From learning experience, I know that I have given up on some heels way too soon, and kept heels that were never going to work out way too long.

    I can see where this is misleading at best.  There are some shoes you put on and you know right away there is no way you can even get your foot in.  way to narrow for the base of you foot.  Then there are others shoes you put on and they might seem tight but you know that they will stretch out.  It all has to do with the material they are made from.  Plastic will not stretch (unless you "cook" them a bit) but leather will. 

    I have so many heels now that the shoes I purchase need to meet three basic conditions

    (1) "Nice shoe", it has to be cute and something I don't already have.

    (2)  FIT like a glove..Life's too short for heels that don't fit.  If I really really really have to have it I will see if I can work with it.

    (3)  Can I wear it to work?  I only have 2 pairs of heels that I haven't worn to work yet (over 40 I have worn to work).

  11. Sorry, I know very few manufacturers make shoes over size 11 (US).  I understand how lucky I am that I fit into size 10's. I imagine it must be hard to those of you that are size 12 plus. But that's how it was for me and men's shoes, nothing ever really fit. Now in women's shoes, so many styles fit I'm like a child in a candy store. Just love to go shoe shopping...don't have to buy any to enjoy it.  I now understand how an afternoon of shoe shopping and trying shoes on is so intoxicating and invigorating.

    Wore the mules above to Costco. A few looks and a few "I like your shoes" from women.

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  12. I thought I would start this thread about some of the tricks to wearing high heels all day long.  I hope some of our female members will add to these.


    Tip 1.  Above all, they must fit!  This is first thing I was told.  I was standing there in the clearance shelves at the DSW looking for 4 inch heels.  I had been told to raise my heels 4 inches, so there I was looking for 4 inch + heels.  A women next to me lean over and told me.  “if they don’t fit now, they’re never fit.  Life’s too short for heels that hurt.”  This is a fundamental concept that many people ignore.


    Tip 2.  No slip gel pads.  I was talking to a friend that managed a shoe store.  She told me to get gel no-slip inserts and gave me two pair.  These are very important., don’t wear heels without them!  Almost every pair one of my high heels has a gel pad in them.  These pads help to keep your foot from slipping down and jamming your toes, thus causing pain.


    Tip 3.  Invest in a decent pair of shoe stretchers.  I got two pairs of shoe-store quality shoe stretchers, one pair that fits normal shoes and one pair that fits high heels.


    Tip 4.  Padding.  I posted this elsewhere but it’ a good tip, so I will repeat it.  Save the thin high-density foam pads you find in new shoe boxes.  Use scissors to shape toe pads to help keep the hard/sharp edges from cutting into the top of your foot.

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