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  1. Thank you very much for looking Chorlini and I appreciate the offer of those heels but I'm going to wait and see if I can get the heels I desperately want. thanks again for looking. If they do turn up let me know! ;)
  2. That'd be great if you could check, thank you!
  3. Hi, are Fredericks of Hollywood still selling shoes? I can't find a website for them on line. I am after a pair of these, in black, size US10/UK8, new or used. Anyone know of any good auction sites for the US I can try apart from EBay? Thanks in in advance for your help!
  4. First of all, thank you so much for replies. Telling my girlfriend, sadly, isn't an option. Boring story here, leave at this point if you're not bothered, I'll bear you no Ill feeling. Your replies have been fantastic, the main thing being that I'm not alone and I never will be. It means the world. I've been like this since I was about 8 or 9, I caught sight of my dearly departed Mother's wardrobe, a lot of her shoes in the late 80s/early 90s from the 60's, she was a gorgeous, fashion conscious woman. She eventually got on to me wearing her heels when I was around 12 or 13 and said my Dad and my Grandad (who I adored, the ultimate bloke, served during WW2 in a massive capacity on a very famous liner) wouldn't approve in the slightest. That was the early 90s. She's the only one who ever knew years later when she binned, without telling me, a pair of heels and a pair of well worn flip flops abandoned while I and my current girlfriend were on holiday. I went through the bins while the family was out and found a better hiding place. In 1994 my Mum's friend, who lived around the corner, asked me to look after her house while she went away for 2 weeks because I was trustworthy and mature. I soon as I got to the house, I was straight up the stairs to the wardrobe. They've been family friends since in the day, she is a couple of years older than my Mum was but pictures show from back in the day she loves her very pretty feet but also, her shoes. In her wardrobe her heels didn't fit, she was a small 5, but I found a pair of wedge toe post mules that fitted but the ones that sent me wild were a pair of white flip flops, really lovely high quality but only worn briefly. I won't go into details but I smuggled these shoes back, wore them when I could, without going into detail they moved me on with regards to shoes turning me on. I love the way worn flip flops show every contour of the wearers foot. I did a good job, her house wasn't robbed and it was spotless when she come back. Over the next year she'd come and visit my Mum in these Flip Flops which she hadn't worn much before I had. Despite her age and my age, she had, probably still has, tremendously sexy feet. Shoe play with well worn shoes makes me weak at the knees which, next year, after she'd been wearing these flip flops for 12 months, she knocked at our door in them, well worn, and then, totally in deliberately, engaged in a shoe play thing, slipping them off and on. Banging them against her feet, she couldn't fail to notice how turned on I was. She left her keys and said look after the house after me watching a little foot show in these flip flops from the year before, only well worn (and 100% more sexy). She was wearing these gorgeous flip flops all the time so when I inevitably stuck my face in her wardrobe, they'd be on holiday with her. They weren't. After months of seeing her wearing these, foot play without her knowing, she'd left these flip flops I knew she loved at home, on top of the pile, for anyone to find. I wonder if she knew? This moved things on considerably. I was just dying to take them and lock them away. She knew without a doubt. I was 14,15,16 when this was going on, she is an old woman, born in 1943. But her (seemingly innocent) footplay when she'd be sitting there talking to my Mum would make me rigid. That is where I really developed, with the help of the Internet. I wonder if she knew? I'd love to wear those flip flops belonging to her again, 20 years ago, scary! Crazy how things move on, the Internet allows you to buy anything from wherever in the world. In the context of what is going on in the world today, how harmless is this hobby? I'm sitting here now, wearing a pair of white Fredericks of Hollywood mules, that I adore, gutted that this hobby is far more restricted soon. im happy though! Can I share this pic with you? Hated these when they turned up, adore them now. Fredericks of Hollywood shoes, anyone go them? Please comment! More shots, more to follow of my collection BTW, what a lovely bunch of people you are, it's good to know I'm not alone! Few more: A few more, I'll be doing this all night! Sorry about the flip flops but I love this type with the straw/seagrass/bamboo footbed! Via Spiga platforms, a gorgeous shoe, love the thin straps over the toes. Wish I'd got the black ones though, these are already on Ebay
  5. electricfoxx


    Hi, i'm Billy I'm new here, shame I never found it earlier. I've had a fetish for High Heels and well worn flip flops (???) since puberty. The invention of Ebay has allowed me to build a frankly ridiculous collection of shoes.over the last 12 years, but sadly i've got to get rid. I'm moving in with my girlfriend next month and coming clean about my obcession isn't an option. I pretty much live with her now but i'm staying at my place tonight and next week, just to wear them all one last time and take loads of photos. I've kept this well hidden from 2 previous girlfriends, but i'm really serious with my current oneand I daren't come clean because I know it would be over. There are 12 pairs of heels, mainly thin soled, thin heeled stiletto sandals and 5 or 6 pairs of sandals/flip flops. There are about 6 pairs I cannot be parted with though, and my question is, guys in my position, how do you keep the habit hidden? This is my collection... ...and these are my absolute favourites, thin heel, thin straps over the toes and around the ankles
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