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  1. got this a month back or so.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/78354376@N00/sets/72157645198508582/ sorry no direct picture just flickr..
  2. ok! here is the sad thruth this shoe was a sale item that is no longer on any webshop information if you want to searh for it Label "din sko" artnumber: 242710 Good luck // Rocka
  3. Will be back with more info regarding these shoes
  4. shoes yes, not the tights..not that "out" yet! will maby be in the future! you never know!
  5. hi everone this is my first picture on my new heels, hope you enjoy them http://www.flickr.com/photos/78354376@N00/ Rocka
  6. more the function not the person really a nice heel on a foot does the wearer matter ? and in this case toe cleavage..
  7. so what is the common understanding about that ? my personal point of view ... not to bad at all
  8. the first boots i buyed was from a secondhand store blockheel and approx 2" high that was a real thrill to go out with these as you can understand in a newbi on this. in my community there is no acceptance for high heels on males so im a bit stucked right now. but that will maby go over...
  9. i think the master thoughts in the world right now is that men should not use high neels what we need is small revolution i think and that needs be started both from our side but more importent the shoe business need to promote it.
  10. nice shoes .. question.. is there any clear shoes with closed toe or a boot that is in clear latex ?
  11. nice but a bit to high plaform for me .
  12. like the heels they are classic in my eays... except for the hight
  13. i really liked the thought about a stainless steel shoe but witha closed toe harder to do ... but
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