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  1. If anyone ever get a chance do travel do Brazil 🇧🇷, this are shoes brands that produce fairy nice shoes with sizes normally up to 12W. - Constance - AuBottier - Dominio da Moda - Cacielli Any other suggestions from Brazilian Heelers?
  2. Just wanted to share this picture of us on New Year’s Eve with me wearing my new rhinestone sandal from Constance... unfortunately they weren’t available in her size. I also love her high heels, they are a 4” nude block heel from schutz. Hope you like the shoes!
  3. I have known Constance (a brazilian brand that produces sizes up to 12W) for a long time, but their selection was very limited in that size. But last month, while Christmas shopping for my girlfriends mother, we found that they expanded the available models... the result was tragic for my credit card... 😜 Just loved the rhinestone style! Hard to stand for a long period, but very pretty! The other two are the same model in different colors. Very comfortable because of the platform. They are all a little bit over 5”... 🥳
  4. Thank you Jeremy. Hope this loooooong answer doesn’t bore you. Indeed, I’m referring to a behavior that touches all aspects of our life... our interests, our needs, and beliefs. I have shared with her this forum and we talked about some struggles a lot of us go through in our relationships. Heeling, understood here as a passion, desire or appreciation of a type of shoes... from just buying them and using indoors to be our main choice of footwear is just one aspect of who we are. Could be our choice of espiritual belief, sport to practice or a craft. Its not fair to have any asp
  5. Having fun trying different styles and outfits with my girlfriend. Should any opportunities arrive when night clubs reopen... we’re are ready by then. Really believe that we should stick and nurture relationships that our significant others are engaged and willing to help us to became better human beings and be true to ourselves. (and of course be that kind of companion to our partner) Could bet 4 or 5 years ago that having someone like her was impossible, only an out-of-reality dream... and then she is... not only accepting but enjoying, supporting and being a central part in my li
  6. I have to admit that wearing a mask has given me more freedom to explore places I currently would not consider to go wearing high heels... or even some more feminine attires.
  7. For me, the most embarrassing moment in heels is actually the only embarrassing one, and I hope it keeps its record for sometime. Last year, when leaving a night club with my girlfriend, we had the same 6.3” onlymaker platform sandals. When crossing the street in front of the club, the sandal strap broke and I went down... Fortunately other than the shoe and my ego, I was fine. She helped me to stand again and get to the car. We got the shoe fixed in the weeks ahead but since this is my second pair of onlymakers that have straps getting lose when wearing them I’m reluctant to wear
  8. No, unfortunately not. I do love the look and feel of long painted nails. When we dress up, I put on false nails.
  9. Hi everyone, As a male heel lover since my teenage years and dealing with lack of support in many long time relationships, I’m finally in peace! For two years my amazing girlfriend is more than a big supporter, she loves my heel wearing and makes sure its not something that will be stuck in boxes or in hidden places. This picture is from a nightclub last weekend. She bought us two pairs of the exactly same heels... from onlymaker. Hope you like it.
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