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  1. DeSalto

    The "Nudist" Sandals" Who Else ?

    Same here ! My all time favorite too. Another example of a barely there sandal from my collection, this time w/ a large ankle strap:
  2. DeSalto

    The "Nudist" Sandals" Who Else ?

    Those are beautiful sandals heelguypa! The one w/ rhinestones really got my attention !
  3. DeSalto

    The "Nudist" Sandals" Who Else ?

    Yes SF, quite expensive, but it's worth every penny. Thanks RonC, I should say to you, the crossed ankle strap style is a personal favorite too.
  4. DeSalto

    The "Nudist" Sandals" Who Else ?

    This is true Bambam, they really look great with jeans! Thank you Jeremy. ASOS and NL had some great barely there sandals to sell. BTW, I love those wedges in your icon. ASOS, right ? Yes, lots of celebrities showed their Nudists on the red carpet. But they are also an excellent choice to casual events. Thank you HappyinHeels. Altough the thin straps over the toes, they are really very comfortable. Some other barely there sandals I own have wider straps but are not as comfortable as the Nudist. Very well-constructed sandals ! Some other barely there sandals of mine - the black ones. P.S. - Sorry, no pedicure this time
  5. I always loved those "barely there" sandals. Two straps only: an ankle strap and the strap over the toes. I own more than a dozen pairs of this model. For a long time I've been wanting to buy a Stuart Weitzman Nudist, which for me is one of the most amazing barely there sandals. Recently I bought a pair. It's really a wonderful sandal. Super high but comfortable. Sexy. I wonder who else is a fan of "barely there" stilettos. Any other happy owners of SW Nudist ?
  6. DeSalto

    Who has bought some new shoes

    A recente acquisition, ankle strap pumps with back bow. They are the "Drielly Suede Pump", from brazilian brand Schutz. Hope you like them
  7. DeSalto

    Who has bought some new shoes

    BTW, the cork wedges in your avatar are amazing!
  8. DeSalto

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Your black sandals are great Jeremy! About the ankle straps, most of my heels have them. I love the look and the feeling, they are almost always my choice of style!
  9. DeSalto

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Yes, retro is a perfect word to describe those sandals. About the first pair, I haven't seen msny guys here wearing that style. I wonder if anyone here have a pair of Weitzman Nudists...
  10. DeSalto

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Hi guys ! Back after a long time out.... To celebrate, some recent acquisitions: 1) Black suede two part sandals from Schutz - Really love them, I have the same model, from the same brand, in 4 others colors... 2) Red suede platform ankle strap sandals, also from Schutz. Hope you like them! DeSalto
  11. DeSalto

    Skateboarding In Hi Heels.

    This is really skateboarding in hiheels! DeSalto
  12. Rubbeldiekatz ("Woman in Love") is a german movie with a story similar to Dustin Hoffmans's "Tootsie". The main actor disguises himself as a woman to get a job as an actress. And he wears some awesome heels. There are an incredible pair of ankle boots with stiletto metal heels. Search for the movie at www.imdb.com and see for yourselves. Some scenes from the movie can also be found on youtube. DeSalto
  13. DeSalto

    Girliest shoe you have

    They are brazilian 39 - EUR 41 - US 10. And you are right, most brazilian brands (but not all) sells heels up to this size. But heels are not that expensive: there are expensive pairs over EUR 200,00, but you can find nice pairs starting at EUR 20,00 and really great heels at EUR 50,00. These sandals costed me EUR 40,00 in a sale.
  14. I try to avoid too...but I really can't resist...the urge to buy a new heel is stronger than me
  15. This is the picture from me wearing my GF last gift, as told in my last post. The gift is the peeptoe pump in first picture. The second one is an old ankle strap peeptoe sandal. Both heels are in fucsia and made by the same brazilian manufacturer.

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