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  1. Perhaps, but I hoped a fellow member may have first hand experience they are willing to share!
  2. I'm after a pair of genuine leather leggings / skinny jeans, any ideas of high street shops that are selling them? Top Shop seem to have some!
  3. Not so sure I can afford them, but i brought my other half a pair in October, so it only seems fair I have a pair too! Can't wait to get them!
  4. Did you buy the boots in the end? I have brought a pair of Orchid knee high boots from Jimmy Choo, they look the sane as Peony, but the heel us about 2 cm taller! If you got them I would be interested to gear what the fit is like!
  5. larkofam, I totally understand your position as I sm in exactly the sane situation, I love heels but can't find it in myself to confide in my family. Hence I tried to give up, but as above have failed. Good luck with your situation, I hope it works out for you.
  6. HeelsForMen, I tried but am / have failed. I still have not worn heels since I posted the entry in this thread, but I have just ordered two new pairs if boots - a pair of over the knee (thigh) boots from Aldo, the style is called Cassetty, they are flat so will be my every day shoes! The other pair are knee high boots from Jimmy Choo, style Orchid! They look amazing and I can't wait for them to arrive, I'm a bit worried they are going to be to narrow though! Well, if I'm going to fall if the wagon (again) I might as well do it in style! I can honestly say I gave tried to give up, I have removed all temptation etc etc, but I'm now more convinced than ever, heel wearing is in us, not something we can choose but something we should ENJOY. I'm still not going to wear heels until my new boots arrive though!
  7. Hello, what sort of heels are they? and are they your size? If you are worried about it and know send them back to her. If your not worried, keep hold of them until she asks fir them back. As previoulsy posted, it may just be she does not like them and doesnt want them back!
  8. Thanks for the comments! I can only say that I wish I could go into the store and try them on, but I don't think I have the courage to. Ad fir where I will wear them, mainly indoors, but also out and about in the neighbourhood I live in, normally under the cover of night though! Would be great to hear from anyone who has a pair or Orchid boots?
  9. Valid point, but I'm not brave enough! To many odd looks, and from my ecperimce of buying shoes there with my wife I can't imagine the attendents being very supportive of a guy trying on a pair of their boots!
  10. Fellow heel lovers, I have finally given in / gone mad and decided to treat myself to a pair of Jimmy Choo knee high boots, the style I am looking at is called Orchid. My question to you is, do Jimmy Choo boots tend to size ok? I take a 42 (UK 9) in high street brands - Aldo, Faith etc. Jimmy Choo do this boot in a 42, but was wondering if it would fit? Any comments, as ever would be great. Also would be great to hear from anyone who has a pair or Orchid knee high boots! At £544 I just want to make sure I am going to be able to get them on!
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding, thanks for the comments! I love my heels, I'm hoping to make the most if the sales and increase my collection!

  12. You have a wonderful album and great pics.. thank you for sharing..

  13. M-A, thanks for sharing those pictures, the boots look great! Please feel free to add some more pictures of you and the boots!
  14. Great to hear from so many of you, happy Christmas and have a great new year!
  15. Hmmm, how apt. I have deliberatly not worn heels for the past three weeks, trying to give it up. While I love wearing heels it has unfortunately been a guilty pleasure as I never confided in my other half, therefore my heels are hidden away and my 'heeling' is restricted to when she is out! So, I figured I should try to go without to see if I really needed them. Now, all I want to do more than ever is slip on my knee or thigh high boots, not for any devious reason other than I enjoy wearing them! But, I am going to abstain completely until the new year to see how things go! Basically, I love wearing heels, hate having to have it as a secret, I'm fairly sure my other half would be ok after a while, but am worried it will still effect our relationship! So, I could and may stop wearing heels, but not because I want to, more because I need to!
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