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  1. Just got these today. I like your style/taste in heels.
  2. I originally found them at DSW, but they only had them up to US11. I ended up getting these from Amazon. Normally around $60 a pair, Amazon had them for $25 for the blue and $18 for the black. The brand is Penny Loves Kenny. They are called Notch. They are pretty comfortable.
  3. I remembered their "last pair" section. that was my go to for finding deals. I never ordered from their site....rather just visit the store since they are close by.
  4. @jeremy1986 As promised. I am not sure if I like the look with capris, but it at least give you a good view of the boots.
  5. Sure, I'll post a picture when I get home.
  6. I like those a lot!! Definitely my style.
  7. Over5


    That is a whole lot of nope.
  8. I got these tonight. Ellie Sneak ankle boots. They were half off at Electrique Boutique. I absolutely could not pass that up.
  9. Picked up some new pumps tonight. Pleaser Teeze from Electrique Boutique in Dallas.
  10. Wanted to revive this post a little and see if anyone would be interested in a meet up in the DFW area? I would be interested to meet some like minded people and also gain some confidence "in numbers" to go out in public wearing heels.
  11. Thank you very much for the compliments. Also, thanks for the advice. I plan on going out more in my heels and not letting my presumption of negative feedback stop me. Thank you. Thank you. The heel measures at 6 inches and the platform is at 2. They are very comfortable.
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