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  1. Tx. I'll have a look at their site. Appreciate the link as every piece of info can help. Cheers
  2. Hi, Dr. Shoe, in your signature you say: "Graduate footwear designer able to advise and assist on modification and shoe making projects." Can I ask if you have contacts who have the ability to assist in creating heels or heel molds? I ask as my wife and I have a specific heel design we are interested in producing and here in South Africa there seems to be so little resources to do this? I have may ideas for different heel designs ranging from interchangeable metal heels to the the simplest being a heel mold to create a heel with an accentuated curve on it. Please let me know if you can con
  3. I must agree wit you on the sound of stilettos. You are right about that as the acute click of stilettos has a most captivating and exotic enticement. This too is a VERY powerful factor in heels. For me its the acute clicking sound of pencil thin metal heels on tiles or asphalt or concrete. Its a truly amazing sound that carries a powerful aura.
  4. For some the power of stilettos is in the way they make the wearer feel; assertive, confident and sexy? For others the power of stilettos is in the attitude they inspire? And others find the power at the end of a stilettos pencil-thin tips? Maybe you find the power of stilettos in the ability to seduce and mesmerize the onlooker? Then again, Is the power of stilettos in the fashion statements they add? So where do YOU find the power of stilettos? Any what is your reason for such attachment to it? I'd love to know your story...
  5. Hi, I just adore it when women wear stiletto heels in "non formal" times. I would love see pictures posted in this thread of any types of casual wearing of heels, in unusual places or scenes. Obviously it would be illogical to wear 6" heels to the beach, etc...but that is where kitten heels come into the "picture" so to speak. I love this attitude of a woman....if I cannot wear high heels I will certainly wear kitten heels...but heels i will wear!! Added here is a picture of a woman in a street scene, casually texting with an AMAZING little pair of heels! Hope to see more pics uploaded soon.
  6. TX Shafted...I look forward to sharing and interacting...
  7. Thank you guys. I appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to sharing and interacting here! For years I have been inspired by stilettos on a woman. It makes her so much more sophisticated, graceful and elegant. It has been so close to my heart that it has rubbed off on my wife too and now she is more of an enthusiast than I (which in my mind is absolutely awesome!!!). Over the years I have collected so much material in form or stories, scripts, video, photos and the more which i would love to share across the forums and get others opinions and stories too. i look forward to a great relatio
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