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  1. I've got those boots but in brown, they're amazing!
  2. Name: Luke Age: 22 Gender: Male Location: Southern England Occupation: Construction machine driver Height: 6'2 Weight: 13.5 stone Shoe size: 9 What's your favourite heel style: stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: round/ almond/ square toe Do you wear your heels outside: Yes What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 3.5 inch ( Your highest heel height: 4.5 inch How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: when I can ( Your highest heel height: now and then Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: yes Anything else you wish to add:
  3. Well carrying on from my last post, me and the GF decided to go out again last night, not for long, just a quick 20 minute walk around the park in town. Saw a few people on the way, no one said anything, felt amazing to go out again. I think the next trip is going to be tomorrow evening, as it's late night Shopping in our local town, we've decided to both go wearing heels! Hopefully another update tomorrow!
  4. I love those NaomiSteph, it's just a shame they don't do them in my size
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