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  1. Thank you, so it seems we are friends again Best wishes, EVE
  2. Hi all! Unfortunately a bit too big for my feets, but still very nice! Love those sandales which can match a fetish outfit with leather, but also this metallic look elegant dress. Hope you like my photos! Kisses, EVE
  3. Thanks Heelster and I got told that I choose the wrong title! The pictures do match more the swinging Sixties, then the Hippies! Well, I'm sure you caught up with everything what you missed! Kisses, EVE All I won in my life are for: Miss Rollerblades Miss Cowgirl, riding the bull Miss wet T-Shirt Miss summer 1984 and some cups with my horsie ............ I'm still waiting for the big lottery win and my dream man Kisses, EVE
  4. How you like the Sixties? I adore them ............. See me here in a metallic mini dress, with pink garters, stockings and boots. Hope you will enjoy! Kisses, EVE
  5. Thank you Heelster and well you're right, I should better call it an office uniform. Kisses, EVE
  6. ............. are simple, classical and definitely so comofortable to wear and last but not least, always an eyecatcher! Maybe you enjoy some of my photos, when I wear an office uniform with black open toe pumps. Kisses, EVE
  7. I was chasing a nylon dealer and lost unfortunately his sleuth. I ended up in an old garage. But, of course I’m a smart officer and did put a pair of lovely dark brown copper seamed stockings on. So I decided to pose very hot on that old Trabbi to attract the attention of that wretch and to convice him to come out of his hiding-place. Well, he probably must have found another way out of that garage as all my effort was for nothing. I showed my legs in those gorgeos shiny copper stockings, my super sexy black mules ....... but I could not convenience him to come out.
  8. Thank you very much Daisuki! Kiss, EVE
  9. Thought you might enjoy some photos of my Avantgarde pumps. As you can see on the sole, I love to wear them. Kisses, EVE
  10. Hello Stilletto2004! Thanks for your feedback and yes, you are right, those sandales feel like "nothing" on the feets. BUT they are very comfortable and I love to wear them, as they show so much from my feets. I do have a pair of white sandales I bought the same time, BUT, unfortunately, those were a fail purchase. It is not possible to walk one meter with them, as you just are loosing them. I tried different ways to close them, but no change. Let me see if I find a photo on those .............. Kiss, EVE Thank you Patsy Cline and YES, of course can a person be sexy with or without stockings, but for me, having a stocking fetish, I just feel sexy and seductive WITH stockings or pantyhoses. Kiss, EVE
  11. .............. nothing special, but in my eyes they look always sexy on women's legs and like those sandales here, showing so much from my feets, they always attract a lot of view. I know, that many of you might now say "How can somebody wear stockings AND sandales!" Well, I'm a stockings lover and I hate bare legs. Legs are only perfect, if they are in some nice stockings or a shiny pantyhose. But let's stop talking, have a look and take you own decision! Kisses, EVE
  12. Thank you again! BTW, you got a hot Avartar. Is this showing your foot? Kiss, EVE
  13. Hello to you all! I can not seperate myself from my clothes and so I still got plenty of outfits from the good old 80's. Lately I stepped over this pink minidress and thought, it would look quite sexy combinated with my new sandales from Elite-Heels.de. BTW, thanks again to the lovely Queen-of-Heels Gina to give me those sandales as a present! Here some samples for you! Kisses, EVE Here we go:
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