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  1. Without the linked video a further discussion is as usefull like blind persons talking about colourful paintings.
  2. The main reason is not, to explain and legitimate our point of view - but to get in contact and may let them know more about our "movement". We are doing it not (only) for fun or to attract attention, because we lost a bet or like to demonstrate our support i.e. "walk a mile in her shoes". No - we are doing it FOR US! If someone likes to know more about us, he/she/... has the possibility to learn more about us. We had many contacts in the past, where people asked us "what are you doing?" "is it a flashmob?". And the brought us to the idea, to create cards with the link to out platform/ forum, to give them the chance to find out more about us and to get in contact. That´s it! If someone believes, al heels-wearing guys are gay - we could even print it on big posters, it would not turn his mind.
  3. YES! BOOTS ON THE GROUND - and I mean boots with at least 3" heels! We will not change the world, but we can try to let more peope know, that even straight guys like to walk on high heels. Just two examples from my local community: 1. business cards Those cards can be shared with sales clerks, persons who likes to chat with us, colleagues, friend, etc. to show them: "No, I am not weird! And I am not the only on with this uncommon interest in high heeled shoes!" 2. real life meetings & events: This is a picture from our Christmas-Market-Event at Mannheim (DEC, 1st 2018) - am the one with the nude pumps in front.
  4. Last Tuesday we had the company´s christmas party. Meanwhile my colleagues are already used to see me in heels, I went a bit further and attended with a long black skirt, black pantyhose, black court shoes and a matching clutch. Above the belt I wore a classical white shirt and a coloured bow-tie. Some of my colleagues were surprised, but complimented about my style and teh courage to go that way - even my boss! I had a pretty good time! Although I danced, stood most of the time on the tiptoes and walked back home on heels (~1,5km / 1mi) - the next morning - I had a headache, but no soring feet! The full story (in German) including pics you will find here: http://mohh21.forumprofi.de/erlebnisse-in-der-Öffentlichkeit-f17/mit-pumps-rock-und-clutch-zur-firmenfeier-t3076.html
  5. What a f... bit...! I hope, that you will find a new job soon! Including understanding colleagues, that do not mind if their co-worker arrives in flats or heels!
  6. I do not think so! And I am wondering why they did not make a market survey to find out, how to increase their business! If they have only gay guys as potential customers in mind - they are limiting their sales! There are not even straight guys who like to wear heels - there are alos woman with big feet who might find interesting shoes in their portfolio. Sometimes it is carzy, that especially gay guys who are expecting an open-minded society are so narrow-minded!
  7. A few days ago, the HUFFPOST published a video on youtube: One of the SYRO-guys says: "in my lifetime, I would be shocked if straight CiS gender men start wearing high heel shoes." => THEN BE SHOCKED!
  8. Isn´t "FLANKING" still trendy? Yes - he is doing a great job - doesn´t matter of his sexual orientation. He is showing what is possible! Even in jobs with a strict dresscode, you have the chance to show your personal style. By the way: quiet interesting, that in his gay community so many people are that conservative, that high heels are disgusting to them.
  9. Good question! (several weeks ago I had the same question in mind, to open a thread about that topic*) And here are my reasons, to wear high heeled shoes: - I love the slilhouette of high heels - Pumps/ court shoes are in my opinion the best designed shoe type ever! - gender equality is no one way road! - why should I abstain from heels? - I like that feeling, to be "elevated" - the heels are forcing me, to be more aware about my way to walk, to prance with elegance and power - it brings positive energie, happiness - I do feel more sexy - and I like that somehow tighter feeling of the well fitting shoes - no wobbeling like sneakers or gym shoes. ... * : http://mohh21.forumprofi.de/high-heels-stoeckelschuhe-stilettos-hochhackige-sc-f28/warum-tragen-wir-stoeckelschuhe--t2127.html)
  10. Yes, do own also some pairs of "Ballerinas" / ballet flats. It took some time to get used to them - because of the "girly" image. And curiously - more people are starring at my feet, if I wear ballett flats - if I wear high heels, nobody seems to react. I really like them in the summer - easy slipped on and off. And they are also nice for bicycle tours - no damaging of the heels, and also to get the tan for pumps/ court shoes.
  11. Today I found a very interesting article about a guy in Australia, who is wearing high heels as part of his business dress: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... ement.html or here: http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at- ... 3a079ba6b0 And once again on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvrwCEztXLM and there is another clip - extended version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rUuc8Recr0
  12. At the beginning I was afraid, someone could notice the heels under long pants and might point and laugh about me. And yes - my self confidence was very weak. It took it's time, the more experience I gathered, the more self confidence I achieved. Nowadays I do not hide my heels anymore. I am confident enough, to react on reactions. And I am proud, to show, that men - beside dragshows, theatre, Television, events, etc. - are able to walk on heels. Not for entertainment or any social message - just for self expression and alternative fashion. Ten years ago I was afraid someone could talk to me about the shoes - even in a shop. Today - and also based on several experiences we made during our "Forum meetings" - I really love the discussions with (open minded) people! They often totally agree that even High heels are "only shoes" and that "gender equality" is not a one way road. Just two days ago I had a phantastic conversation in an outlet store (report will follow!), where I tried and bought new pumps / court shoes. Those discussions are "balm for the soul"! Today my female colleagues are asking me for advise, if it comes to shoes and other fashion items. I feel more free and accepted, than I could ever dreamed before!
  13. Frankfurt area is my homezone! I would suggest/ prefer a Meeting on a Saturday.
  14. Sorry folks, for being off a long time. In the mean time, several shoes found their way to my home. ; Hannes73 - current stock & latest purchases
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