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  1. I ordered the George when they were first offered, and got them a couple of weeks ago. I really like them, especially since I couldn't find a pair of the SL French 85's, which I think these resemble. The removable strap is cool, I think. I try to support any designer that makes heels for men, so I was happy to order these. and happier to get them.
  2. Rob: Thanks for the comparison photo. Those new heels are awesome. I've got to get some. I have a lot of custom cowboy boots with heels that high, but the shape of these is perfect. I'm impressed that you bought the snake skin version...well done. I was tending towards the double strap version for myself.
  3. The heels on the new season's boots look considerably taller than the Jonny boots' heels. Here is my Jonny collection. Last season I bought a pair of the YSL Hedi 30 jodhpur boots, which I also love. Rob, I have to agree that the toe shape on the Jonny boot is preferable.
  4. I love the new YSL boots. I've bought several pairs of their boots over the past few seasons, especially as the heels inched upwards. This season I am determined to get a pair of the boots that Rob is wearing. Several on-line retailers now have them and the YSL site is offering them also.
  5. I really like the boots too. I think I like the black version better, but Adam Lambert and Lenny Kravitz have both been out and about wearing the beige suede version. They're Louboutin's Aoussam style. I've got a pair of Louboutin's gray suede plain boots, which I wear a lot, but the spike version is a bit more in your face. I really believe in supporting the designers that make heels for men.
  6. You might want to check out Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video. I've just discovered it and the men wear a nice assortment of boots and heels. There's a teaser at the opening scene, but wait for 3.50...it's worth it. Bob
  7. I've never seen the YSL boots in any of the larger department stores in the US, and I've looked, believe me, but Barneys has had them or very similar styles. When I went back a week after seeing them in the Dallas store, they were all gone! I've bought Armani and Gucci boots that cost that much, and certainly all my custom boots run that high. I'm a firm believer in quality and design being worth the cost. Congratulations on a great pair of boots!
  8. I have a knee high pair and I love them. Amazingly comfortable for the height of the heel and no platform.
  9. I don't know where the original boots came from...always loved them myself...but Champion Attitude Boots in El Paso, Texas makes similar boots. Check out their costume boots. I've have them make me several pairs of boots, all cowboy boots, but they do a great job and can make anything custom for you. Live long and prosper!
  10. I'm a huge fan of suede boots and shoes. I have boots in a dozen colors of suede. I think there is something about the texture of suede that makes them more sensual, I guess. Not sure what it is, but I've felt that way since Chelsea boots were made in suede back in the day (Beatles, Dave Clark Five, etc.). I agree that the simplicity of these particular boots is very appealing. Beautiful lines, simple form. Great find!
  11. Great job in the boots, but I had a question. You had to stop a few times to pull up the tops of your thigh boots. I noticed that you did that in another of your videos, one of the shopping ones I believe. With the frequency of your boot wearing, is that a typical problem? Any solution?
  12. I'm so excited that I can post again as a member. It's been since Feb. 2005 that I could log in! I checked the old board every day, so it is especially warm that I can contribure as a "member". Special thanks to the guys who did all the work to get us set-up over here.
  13. My heels also roll out slightly, although it is more pronounced the higher the heels are that I'm wearing. I believe, in my case, that's it because I'm slightly bow legged. All my heels wear first on the outside edge.
  14. Terry: Those boots look great on you and it's terrific that you wore them out today. In your earlier posting, you were worried about whether you would ever wear them out, but I glad to hear that you did. Great job, Bob
  15. Sorry everyone, I assumed that many people knew Gentlemen's Quarterly. There's the original US version, along with a British edition, which I regularly read also. It started out as a 4 times a year fashion mag and has evolved to a monthly broad spectrum mens periodical. It still focuses on men's fashion, but also has articles on sports, music, electronics, grooming, travel and similar features. As for Tom Ford, he is credited with the massive turn-around of the Gucci fashion house. A fellow Texan, he brought a strong and sexy look to fashion that made Gucci one of the most valuable brands
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