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  1. According to the text on their website http://www.instagram.com : Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.
  2. We even have a hhplace-member with that name! http://www.hhplace.org/user/922-altocalcophilia/
  3. Not so sure if they are cheaper. So far the only source for Di Marni's was an eBay seller from Italy: http://www.ebay.de/sch/rubycloe/m.html At the moment I see two similar models offered on eBay for a price that is about 30 Euro cheaper, but VAT and import duties still have to be added. Maybe you better check first if these shoes will still be shipped to you from Ukraine or from a location inside the EU. I have no idea about the authenticity.
  4. Could very well be, since Cos K. was/is involved with both companies. Several members of hhplace.org have posted positive experiences with that seller.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/fill-in-seller's-name/m.html Example: http://www.ebay.com/sch/jmk-2012/m.html
  6. Have a look at http://www.shoebidoo....html#reviews-1 That sounds rather alarming. Owner was Matthias Finke, but their website now lists Sabine Scholz (maybe the same Sabine who worked there with Herr Finke?) They were located in Hilden near Düsseldorf, but seem to have relocated to a new location (still near Düsseldorf).
  7. Hm, seen that videoclip before, I think on youtube. Ah, yes, on may 9 2013:
  8. That is probably because you live in the USA. I get redirected to www.stevemadden.nl , where they cannot be found.
  9. Hi FF Yes, still trying to enjoy the current incarnation of your legacy BTW: your inbox may be full, because all deleted PM's have been resurrected when transitioning to the current board software (and someone is trying to reach you that way). Take care!
  10. I beg to differ Firefox registered as a member on january 4 in 2002 (member 5), Francis on january 7 (member 6), Debbie from Hong Kong on january 8 (member 7), and Xaphod on january 9 (member 8 ) (and I registered as a member myself on january 18 in 2002 (member 11)). The oldest threads that were started by Firefox on the opening of this website are also from january 2012 (have a look in the forum Hellos, Goodbyes and Introductions, and sort the threads in order of their Start Date). Not possible Perhaps you are thinking about Jenny's High Stiletto Heels Page (started on october 27 in 1998) and the Aesthetic High Heel Men's Fashion website (started in october 1999 by Jenny, and later handed over to Firefox )? And yes, I also remember the Patent Letter It can still be read on the original location http://www.patentletter.com End of history class for now. Perhaps miss Megan will take it from here ?
  11. Erm, this website went public in january 2002 ...
  12. Hello Stranger! Nice to see you in here again! Please don't be such a stranger.
  13. What else would you expect from somebody with such a user name? (A wild f*** (etc.)) "Weird Al" ?
  14. I see she has already applied for membership at hhplace.org !
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