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  1. Next time Ah, FSJ shoes, ok. I've search the website (https://www.fsjshoes.com) but couldn't find them...
  2. Hi @Pierre1961, pardon my ignorance but could you provide a link for FLS shoes? I honestly can't find anything online. I could find Extreme HH though. Here's the link for those who are interested: http://extremehighheels.net/en/ I have a similar pair from Jeffrey Campbell (Legion-1) and I love them. And guess what? I also wore them in Paris
  3. Exactly @at9. Exactly what I meant on my previous post. I couldn't find any reference to "women's shoes" in their website, which is great. They don't make shoes for women. They make them for people. From their mission statement (https://jeffreycampbellshoes.com/pages/about-us): J.C. strives to reflect the beauty in all body types, ages, ethnicities and genders. (They don't mention "sex" but that's another story). Here in Europe (I've never seen it) we don't have sizes for man or for women. It goes from 34 to 46, for instance. Now, in US, it kind of makes sense to advertise them with women's sizes. Most of their customers are women anyway. They will not advertise heels for men. That would go against their mission statement. I own a pair of J.C. Legion 1 btw. And they are great. I've been to Paris a couple of weeks ago together with my gf. We were both rocking those boots. First day, 5km. 2nd day, 8km
  4. Well, I'm guessing Vogue magazine is just doing its job... Calling that a heel? 1.4 inch? Ok... but in that case, 90% of men wear heels then - trainers, dressing shoes, boots, slippers, etc. I've just read an article about some new Nike Air Max. Approx. 1.5 inch heel. Many people, many men wears them... but no Vogue article... Vogue... making a fuss out of nothing. They have to sell, I know.
  5. In my honest opinion, this means nothing or almost nothing. To me this is just a clever way of saying "we're making larger sizes... so large than men can fit in them". A woman in the picture wouldn't grab much attention. A man, completely different. Would be like "A man wearing women's boots? Let me click, let me check this one. Oh... larger sizes. Great!". It's still good, don't take me wrong but if we go through Jeffrey Campbell's Instagram feed, we'll see pictures of different body shapes and at least another man besides this one from the post. All in all, to me, it's just another one, another picture, another pair of boots.
  6. My feet are 26.3cm long. I've check an Italian make (Gianrico Mori) because I have some shoes from them and, more or less, it matches your size chart. Here's the link: http://process931.azurewebsites.net/amirinnocent/palmiropph/SizeChart1.jpg I usually order 41 for boots (perfect fit) and 40 for shoes (they are tight but they stretch). From UK, a 7.5 or an 8. I would make sure you're not doing anything wrong when measuring your feet. I find it a bid odd the size chart giving you a 7.5US when you usually wear 9.5-10. Maybe you like your shoes a bit loose? Or maybe you wear some thick socks? Or maybe you use insoles? Or maybe you have wide feet? The size chart only shows the lenght, not the width. Yes, it does, unfortunately... which is a pain...
  7. Truffle is like any other Chinese make. My ex had a few pairs. Some of them UK4, others UK5. So no magical formula, Sorry...
  8. @bambam, I wear woman's jeans every day. What you're looking for is bootcut style (according to your pictures) or flare style (wider at the lower end). Personally, I'm a big fan of bootcut but not so much of flared jeans. Anyway, I'm 6 foot tall and my usual size is W29 L34. You need L36. Diesel has really nice styles. I know they're expensive but you can get them on ebay, for instance, for half the price. Another option is Levi's but not as nice as Diesel. I would look on ebay. Something like Wxx, where xx is your width, L36 diesel. A few examples: W30 L36 diesel, W30 L36 bootcut, W30 L36 jeans. Some shapes/names: Bootzee, Louvboot, Louvely, Ronhar - these might be old shapes but it's what I have. Can't remember the last time I bought jeans. They last forever. Well worth the money spent. Good luck. Hope this helps.
  9. I love the look. Tight jeans but not too tight. And the boots are simply gorgeous! The must be quite easy to walk with. Small platform and a block heel. Pity the zip is not full length. Well done, @Huhwhat!
  10. Hi @Steve63130, Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get together. I was at work and @Stiefelman had to go back on the same day. Hopefully next time.
  11. Hi! Will you stay in Munich? I've just read your message and I'm at work at the moment. Let me know.
  12. Hi @Stiefelman! If you ever come to Munich, let me know!
  13. Hey! I've just moved to Munich and I was wondering if there's anyone who lives here as well.
  14. @jeremy1986, I would wear them without any problem. Let me tell you about my experience. I've lived in UK for the last 4 years. I've just moved to Munich in Germany (btw, anyone around me?). I bought my first pair of tall boots at Schuh (West Quay, Southampton). They have a low heel (a tiny bit higher than those) and I started wearing them over my tight jeans everywhere - supermarket, town, work, etc.. This was 4 years ago. At that time I got some people looking at me but never had a negative reaction. I actually had one of my female neighbours telling me she liked them. Anyway, I got more tall boots over the years. My favourites are Clarks Orinoco Eave and Orinoco Jazz. Again, I've been wearing these everywhere and not just in the UK. Some examples - Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, etc. They have proper Winters there. Nowadays, no-one gives a s***. I don't know why, I don't know what happened but it seems people got used to see "different" things. Anyway, when I want to go "under the radar" and wear heels, I always go for the Clarks Mojita Crush. They have a block heel, 6cm (2.3 inch) and I wear them under my jeans. They look like man's boots but people notice I'm wearing heels. Why? Simply because I'm taller. And do you know what I say if someone says something to me? "I came on a horse today". For some reason people love when I tell them that. Have a look at Clarks. You might find something which you like. Up to 2.3 inch heel you're good. I've done it. Hope my story helps you somehow to overcome your fear.
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