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  1. My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    I love the look. Tight jeans but not too tight. And the boots are simply gorgeous! The must be quite easy to walk with. Small platform and a block heel. Pity the zip is not full length. Well done, @Huhwhat!
  2. Anyone living in Munich?

    Hi @Steve63130, Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get together. I was at work and @Stiefelman had to go back on the same day. Hopefully next time.
  3. Anyone living in Munich?

    Hi! Will you stay in Munich? I've just read your message and I'm at work at the moment. Let me know.
  4. Anyone living in Munich?

    Hi @Stiefelman, That's great!
  5. Anyone living in Munich?

    Hi @Stiefelman! If you ever come to Munich, let me know!
  6. Hey! I've just moved to Munich and I was wondering if there's anyone who lives here as well.
  7. @jeremy1986, I would wear them without any problem. Let me tell you about my experience. I've lived in UK for the last 4 years. I've just moved to Munich in Germany (btw, anyone around me?). I bought my first pair of tall boots at Schuh (West Quay, Southampton). They have a low heel (a tiny bit higher than those) and I started wearing them over my tight jeans everywhere - supermarket, town, work, etc.. This was 4 years ago. At that time I got some people looking at me but never had a negative reaction. I actually had one of my female neighbours telling me she liked them. Anyway, I got more tall boots over the years. My favourites are Clarks Orinoco Eave and Orinoco Jazz. Again, I've been wearing these everywhere and not just in the UK. Some examples - Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, etc. They have proper Winters there. Nowadays, no-one gives a s***. I don't know why, I don't know what happened but it seems people got used to see "different" things. Anyway, when I want to go "under the radar" and wear heels, I always go for the Clarks Mojita Crush. They have a block heel, 6cm (2.3 inch) and I wear them under my jeans. They look like man's boots but people notice I'm wearing heels. Why? Simply because I'm taller. And do you know what I say if someone says something to me? "I came on a horse today". For some reason people love when I tell them that. Have a look at Clarks. You might find something which you like. Up to 2.3 inch heel you're good. I've done it. Hope my story helps you somehow to overcome your fear.
  8. Thinking about starting a blog...

    Hi KneeBooted, I guess it all depends on how much stuff and weight you want to carry around. I have an old Canon EOS 20D and a few lenses. Weight = easily 2Kg. This is the type of camera which I take when I'm driving or if I have a rucksack/bag with me. Probably not you're looking for. Then I have a Canon SD1400IS. Got if off eBay, super cheap and with great picture quality. Zoom 4x which can be handy and records 720 HD video. Add a tiny tripod and a memory card and you're good to go. Total cost = 50GBP or less. Now, if I were you, I would stick to my iphone 5s for now. It produces decent pictures/video (for a phone) and then, if things go well, invest a bit on new equipment or maybe on a more modern phone. Realise that you might not have as much free time as you think you're going to have as soon as your child is born. A blog takes time and effort if you want to do it properly. Anyway, and answering your question, I would definitely follow along. Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. Swedeheelers (slow) progress

    Guys, check on eBay (www.ebay.co.uk is a good start). Search for Mori and then refine your filter (woman's shoes). You can find stuff from them, straight from the factory from last collection (I think) for half the price. I got 2 pairs of boots from them. One for my GF and the other one from a friend. Both of them with problems (I was really unlucky and hey... s*** happens). Their customer support is amazing. They've sorted out all problems (refund, replacement).
  10. Swedeheelers (slow) progress

    @mlroseplant, they do send to USA. It costs 30.71 GBP to send a pair of boots, for instance.
  11. Hair on your legs and ...

    My opinion is that we should always be hairless (shave, wax, etc) if we wear something which shows our legs. 1st, I don't like body hair. 2nd, the legs feel amazing with no hair. 3rd, women do it, so don't we? If we pay attention, a woman can go out with a messy hair, no make-up, etc. etc but if she's showing her legs, they're hairless. Would you find it attractive to see a woman wearing a skirt or whatever with hair on her legs? If you do, then I have nothing to say. If you don't, we might consider that it works both ways... Not trying to offend anyone and this is a website where we show ourselves in a different way society wants us to be. We create our own style and we are what we are but, for me, one thing comes with the other... showing legs? shaved legs.
  12. NewRock Boots - Austria

    Hi there, Personally I prefer to see them without the spurs... The boots have enough buckles and other metal parts. You don't need to add the spurs. Tell us, how did it go? Did you walk with them in public, in Vienna? Tell us about your experience!
  13. Laurentin Cosmos

    @SF, you should! Anyway, I didn't get the "he is not out". The first youtube video clearly shows him at some airport with people around him, etc.
  14. Laurentin Cosmos

    Hi! Do you remember this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1W6fd2zJQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqd03KCIDtk He's back! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe5F9nsCmeXaKBK9L0NsrzQ http://www.laurentincosmos.com/
  15. Advice on flats

    Hi there, One make you should consider is Clarks. Most of them don't look nice (old fashioned, etc.) (just my opinion) but they also have some nice ones. Clarks flats are made with leather and the quality is good for the price. I usually get them off eBay. You can find really good deals, brand new or almost new for half the price. It may take weeks for you to find what you're looking for though. I have a pair or Clarks Arizona Heat and I've removed the bow as it was almost destroyed. I don't really like to see me with these, unfortunately. The sole is amazing (super comfortable) but way too hot for Summer. I have 3 pairs of Clarks Atomic Haze (black, dark blue/navy and white/yellow). Decent sole. I think Clarks still makes these. Then I have 2 pairs of Clarks Discovery Bay. I've removed the bow to one of them which makes them quite discreet. The sole is really good but not as good as Arizona Heat. Super comfortable and not that hot for Summer. Unfortunately, Clarks doesn't make these any more. You might get lucky on eBay but I've been trying to get another pair for myself and it hasn't been easy. Go on Google and search for Clarks Arizona (remove the "Heat" from your search). They have similar shapes with different ending names (Heat, Sands, etc.) Do the same for Atomic and Discovery. Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes!