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  1. Very classy. I love them and would wear them with pride.
  2. Is there a category for the "nicest oldest legs" (LOL)?
  3. Considering fun and comfort, the next best step I took, some 5 years ago, have been to wear dresses. Ok! The first few days, without wearing wig and makeup, I felt I might be pushing the envelope a bit too far. But a few compliments on the long strapless dresses I wore made me much more at ease. So much so that, last summer, I started to wear false boobs because that broaden the choice of dresses I enjoyed wearing.
  4. On the basis of 10 years of ownership, my experience is that they are very comfortable and fun to wear, although they are not the type for someone who want to go unnoticed.
  5. Maybe, you should have a look at: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/free-shipping-gz-wedge-ankle-gold-metal-strap-peep-toe-genuine-real-suede-leather-sandals-shoes/1071060749.html
  6. I could testify that, as long as the sole has a platform, heelless shoes are rather easy to walk with. A cobbler modified a pair of hidden platform for me (http://members.fortunecity.com/talonet01/s0721.jpg) and I can walk on them very easily. I would even say that the only difficulty happens when I have to stand still.
  7. On the basis of my personal experiences, I second Amanda Snkake's opinion. Almost everyday, women get out of their way to ask me the question: "How can you walk on heels that high? I wish I could". If they had seen me before, most of the time, they ad compliments on the shoes and boots I wear and, sometimes on my clothes, too.
  8. I often see quite a number of mules similar to the ones you are looking for, on eBay (US sizes 10 & 11).
  9. Lighter fuel on a kleenex. Rub heavily for at least a few minutes.
  10. I do like them very much, particularly because they are, not only beautiful, but unusual. Would I have the possibility to own a pair, I would wear them almost everywhere.
  11. Many years ago, on Halloween night, my ex-girlfriend and I went out dancing. During the evening, a good looking man invited me to dance. Being too shy, I decline his offer and, for the last 20 years, I regretted it because no other man invited me to dance again (lol).
  12. I bought these (hoping the link will work), a few days ago, in a Wal-Mart, for Cdn 19 $. Imagine, they are a size 11 US, a size which I have seen for the first time, in the Quebec City area.
  13. Since I do not bother to wear makeup, wig and false breasts, for about 99% of my daily outings, it happens very often that people ask me if I prefer to be treated as a man or a woman. And I reply to do whatever makes them feel at ease because I just do not care. But, when I do my best to look good, I prefer to be treated as a woman, which is what people I meet do all the time, except on a couple of occasions over the last 10 years, I would say. The first time, in a restaurant, with many friends, when I was the sole TV, the waiter seemed to enjoy calling me "Sir". It bothered me because I was afraid he was embarrassing my friends. So, a friend of mine (a gg) took the waiter apart and he changed his attitude right away. The second time (last December 31st), a similar situation happenned. So, on my way to the buffet, I took the opportunity to tell the waiter that my friends would probably appreciate it if he treated me like the woman I did my best to appear. Later in the evening, he treated me like a princess and my friends and I had a lot of fun.
  14. We are only six weeks away from what is beginning to shape up as a fun, well attended High Heel/Boot Meet in Toronto; Friday and Saturday September 10 & 11, 2010. See "Real Life Meetings thread, Toronto, ON Heel Meet Sept 10/11, 2010" for all the details. Hope to see many many of the North America members there! David

  15. geo

    Hope o tak to you. Do you wear boots or shoes?

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