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    As a woman, I find it pleasing to look attractive, yet not overdone, that is pending the occasion and or function of the night out. Love my heels whether in a dress or skirt or skinny jeans/pants. Be pleasing not fake looking
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    From Balenciaga: https://www.net-a-porter.com/gb/en/product/1064150?cm_mmc=Google-ProductSearch-UK--c-_-NAP_EN_UK_PLA-_-UK+-+GS+-+Designer+Top+25+-+Designer+Terms+-+Low--Balenciaga_INTL&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItbWy_IDG2QIVbbftCh3mJQeVEAQYASABEgLgEfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Don't tumble dry and don't wear them if you have to fly anywhere. That's all I have to say.
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    Here, I hope, is a picture. I've had to connect via my phone.
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    4"-5" and maybe up to 6" with a platform, from booties to OTK....stilleto / pencil / stacked...either way it's sexy
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    I dont' know If what I wear is considered overdressed but I definitely don a complete outfit when I go out.
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    Zed, They use a very soft leather sourced from Italy. Never thought about how thick but would estimate probably 2 ounce or 0.8mm thick. Raw leather inside shaft with lined leather collar inside at thigh. Can’t compare thickness/quality against Mori or Italian Heel brands as not familiar, sorry. Tried to show inside on pic
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    I hope so, if we get there! Not sure what the weather will throw at us in the next 24 hours! It's been snowing here, and is now snowing again. I took a couple of pictures of my high heeled footprints in the snow. An interesting shape - cleated sole and fairly narrow wedge. I can't upload it direct as I'm on a computer, the photo is on my phone, and I've never found a simple way of transferring files as the SD card is not recognised as a drive when I attach the phone to the computer! I have to take out the phone and insert it in the card slot on my computer, and this computer has no working card slot...
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    Generally speaking, I like taller shafts, stiletto heels taller than 4", and pointed toes. But, I can honestly say that I enjoy many styles of boots, it always feels nice to try something different, or rediscover a pair you haven't worn in a long time....
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    Hi there i just came across An interesting article on news.com.au. Worth a read http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/sydney-businessman-heads-to-work-in-a-suit-tie-and-sixinch-high-heels/news-story/ce26db9711e63538269d373a079ba6b0
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    Hi everyone. For a few days now I get an error every time I try to post pictures. I just got 1 to post but again I got the error on the 2nd. Any ideas ?? Todays office wear
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    hi folks! I'm looking for an online site etc. which sells this kind of elegant & classic thigh high boot model. Should be genuine leather and black WITHOUT platform. Heel 5" or more. First picture is from a chinese site, PU boot but model is right. The other picture, with white background are Pleaser made thigh high boots not anymore in production. Its kinda strange how hard it is to find this kind of very classic model. Or maybe I have just searched wrong places...anyhow, thanks in advance! BR, BootHill This I found: https://www.sky-scrapers.co.uk/index.php/k5b07-thigh-boot-with-inside-zip.html And its nice looking model.
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    Here’s a question worth pondering: is being overdressed a bad thing? When I embraced the unique lifestyle of the fashion freestyler, I made it a point to always, and I mean ALWAYS look my very best. I mean, if I was going to traipse out in public wearing women’s clothes AS A MAN, then I’d damn well better make sure I didn’t look foolish or inappropriate. Because of that particular mindset, I tend to think I overdo things, that I overdress. I want to look sharp, I want to look stylish, I want to look fashionable, but do I go overboard at times as a result? Perhaps. Case in point: A few days ago on President’s Day, I went to the local casino to have a little fun and spend a little money, and while pretty much all the women there were in purely casual, even frumpy or sloppy clothes, there I was in a nice sweater, a pencil skirt, hosiery and heels, even for a place as innocuous as a slots parlor, I just couldn’t bring myself to dress down. Or on another occasion at the King of Prussia Mall, I sported my black leather jacket over a turtleneck, a dressy a-line knit midiskirt and high heeled knee boots, and I can assure you that NO other female, young or old was half as put together as I was, even though I didn’t need to be, but, I can’t help dressing up for outings like to the mall. I’ve said this a time or two or a dozen, and I believe it to the max: when I look good, I feel good, since wearing women’s clothes is great fun, I want to do it right. Perhaps vanity plays a part in my habit of overdressing because I like to show off, to display my fashion style since I look better in women’s clothes than I do men’s, something that’s also fun as I just love strutting about in a skirt and heels, it’s a highly intoxicating feeling. To everyone reading this piece, regardless of your level of commitment to freestyling, if you wear just one article of clothing or go the whole hog like I do, it’s important that you take pride in your appearance when out in public. That you put a premium in being knowledgable about fashion and looking your very best, because you’re setting an example to the whole world for men who wear women’s clothing, and that example should be we CAN look tasteful and stylish in the clothes we choose to wear and not odd, freakish or embarrassing. I don’t mind admitting I obsess over looking my best, I never go out unless I am, so, if that results in being occasionally overdressed for the surroundings I happen to be in, I don’t mind that at all. If anything, I’m rather proud to say I overdress, like everything when it comes to freestyling, it’s a thrill. Opinions?
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    Great boots as well! can you provide a link to where to buy them please? Thank you.
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    Nice boots, and fairly masculine. Do you have a link to their Ebay listing please?
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    tomham & pebblesf : Thank you for the complements. I do my best. Nothing in life is better than wearing high heels, unless it's good health, and high heels.
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    I prefer an OTK boot or a thigh high. Heel height preference is 5" and up but I do own others besides. This is one of my more radical pairs I have that are favorite.
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    It was the last one before Christmas and I won a place in the VIP enclosure. Most people there were getting glitter applied, with gel put on part of the face (in my case above one eyebrow like a lot were having done) and glitter attached. One guy I know well had a line of it right along his bald head like a Mohican job. It's a network marketing company and you couldn't ask for a more friendly and open bunch of people. Probably at least 80% are women. The word 'fun' is actually written in the company's mission statement. If anyone in the company asks me, I'll say to start with that I'd noticed that a lot of the successful people in the business wear heels, so I hoped it might give me the edge. I'll then go on to tell them the 'bad back' reason. I wore the block heels this time and had no comments at all although I know quite a few people saw them, including ladies sitting either side of me. One of them has since friended me on Facebook so it couldn't have freaked her out. She had some lovely patent stilettos on, herself. There were lot of lovely heels around, including some orgasmic single sole red sandals with heels at least 5 inches, and the wearer's feet were quite small. I wish I'd had a chance to talk to her and compliment her on them. It's always interesting to see how well people walk in heels, too. I'll wear the same ones on Wednesday to a company training in London. I'll be in the car with a couple of ladies and the light levels will be much higher in the room, so I'll have nowhere to hide them!
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    I struggle with the photos and the light but what the heck. Here is my entry
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    Knee high boots. Heels around 4"-4.5" are best for me
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    I play drums at my house. And yes occasionally I will wear sandals with about a 4 inch heel no platform because i want to be able to feel the pedal on the bass drum and hi-hats. Builds up your calves and ankles and also changes how the attack of the feet to the pedals and really does improve your control, and time signatures on the drums. (I play jazz and old rock and roll) A lot of control to keep my feet and the heels from sliding off the pedals. ( I play heel down on the pedals and if I do toe down! in heels I get a lot more power on the bass pedal and a louder thump! Sheila E from Princes band always wore heels standing or sitting playing percussion, And she can work those legs and high heels and not lose a beat exceptional Drummer check out You Tube videos on her style of percussion. And the gorgeous heels she wears. Nice Question.
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    What size do you need,Boothill???? I might have a few pairs that you would be interested in for sale.
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    Got some new boots. 18,5cm heel with a 3cm plateau, very high but amzingly comfortable to walk.
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    Let's see what happens when I walk in with some real heels. Our maybe wear in my Cathy Jeans booties.
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    As promised, some pictures of my New pair of boots, 7cm heels (with 1.5cm plateform ) very confortable and easy to walk in...at 18€ (with a bargain) i could not let them pass!
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    Thanks for the tips. I just had the oil (olive oil) right there so used a tiny amount. The zips are much freer now anyway after a few careful movements of the tab up and down. I have them on today under floor-length trousers (not boot-cut jeans, which are my usual wear). Obviously I've hiked the right trouser leg up to show the heel - the hems aren't that different!
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    I got these off Ebay for just over £10 delivered. The arrived yesterday and I've got them on now at work. 4.5 inch block heels and round toes. Perfect apart from the fact that wedges would be more subtle. My wife just said 'MORE boots' but hasn't commented one way or the other.
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    Got these last month, Marc Fisher - Prana
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    These two pairs of boots have my wife ready for me for a Christmas tree. But I do not know about it. They are hidden. Shhh.
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    I'm moving more and more towards heels for public wear, for two reasons: One, heels are a miracle cure for backache, so I want something I can wear all day publicly without drawing too much attention to myself; two, my wife accepts heels like that, so I don't want to spoil the situation which I'm sure a lot of male heel wearers would envy. I've worn stilettos in public and would probably do so more and more if I wanted to push boundaries, but the way I'm moving at present is towards getting friends etc to accept me in heels, so I don't want to freak them out by wearing something even most women wouldn't dream of wearing. This weekend we had visitors who had never seen me in heels beyond the two-inch cuban heels I often wear with a business suit, so I wore my boots with concealed 4 inch heels. I'm sure they noticed my increased height but my boots were not 'in your face' high heels. We went out for the day on Saturday, and did a lot of walking and standing around, which would have killed my back if I'd been in flat shoes. I could happily have told them that if they'd asked, and I think they'd have accepted the style as a reasonable one to wear for such purposes. My main thing was not causing embarrassment either to them or to my wife, while still wearing something to relieve potential back pain. Also, of course, there was still the high-heel feel for walking and standing even if not as pleasurable as in more wobbly shoes. Regarding the question of boots/shoes/sandals, I like them all, but it's so much easier getting boots that could reasonably be classed as 'normal' men's wear. I have one pair of shoes I've worn with friends around (Oxfords with block heels just under four inches), and one pair of sandals I've worn in the presence of a lot of people who know me but who are not close friends, and also when I've been with my mother or my mother-in-law. Boots are fine this time of year, although even then wearing them indoors is not all that pleasant at times because my feet get hot, and other people might wonder why on earth I'm in boots indoors! I'm sure our visitors this weekend thought that. Ideally I'd have some light wedge shoes I could wear but not court shoes, which would be immediately 'judged' as feminine. Chunky high heeled clogs/mules with closed toes might also be OK for that purpose indoors. There are two sides: one, I couldn't care less what other people thought; two, I don't want to cause embarrassment to other people who are close, either through friendship or through family. The difficult thing is steering some sort of path through both sides.

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