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    Getting ready for the fall, and I couldn't resist sharing such a work of art as these (Christian Louboutin Bianca Botta 140mm, purchased from Neiman Marcus, so I hope they're authentic)
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    Thanks for the comments, everyone. As for TBG, well, you can't please everybody. Heh! heelsrus2000: Nice outfit. As for outdoor shots, that's not a priority with me, I just go out and about, nothing more, nothing less.
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    When I shop for high heels, I don't need to know what concerns or opinions others have. I'm looking for some service to help me find or get the pair(s) that beckons to my taste and desire. Should the sales person/staff offer some encouraging words, it does sweeten the air and makes me feel more comfortable in returning for more shopping. I may even wear a pair of the heels from one of my former purchases with them, which generally encourages better service. Now I believe this thread is about showing the heels you're comfortable wearing in public. I have many heights ranging from 3.5" to 6", but for going out I wear 4 & 4.5 inches stilettos, like these GUCCI SOFIAS:
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    http://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/20cm-8inch-Heel/1252106_257623041.html ordered many from that website
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    Guess I'm trapped in a time warp it's all cool to me. lol
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    Feels so good on my feet, is it weird that I'm turned on by guys who wear such footwear, 70s baby1! lol
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    Love to chat with some guys who wear this style, and have a collection authetic 70s platforms!
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    Playing around trying to find something I like with my first ever pair of booties My mirror desperately needs a clean
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    Fab pics!!! Those gorgeous shoes look great with those jeans!
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    I have about six skirts average length 21 inch just above or below the knee... black is my favorite colour a belted skirt is preferable and usually a black shirt or v neck soft top i take a 18 womans size and being handy with a sewing machine i often take in the side of the skirt to give more pencil shape and sowing up the kick pleat if you like more restriction to your walk add that with slightly pointed 5 inch heels and black gloss nylon stockings im a happy guy

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