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Ahhhh, Spring Muses



Finally it is here! Spring has sprung and I am loving strutting my heeled sandals! Feels so good feeling the warm spring air blowing across my toes after such a long, cold weather.

Well I have been a bit absent on here as I started a new job and was so busy learning all the duties and such. But now I have a little breather and thought that I would bring you up on what I have been up to. And believe me it had a lot to do with shoes. I am going to have to sit myself down and snap some photos of the shoes that I have bought recently. Seems like when ever I turn around I see another pair of heels that I just must have! I think I am up to 30 pairs now. I can now see how women can have many, many pairs of shoes. When ever I now walk by a display of shoes I am looking at them with an eye as to what outfit this shoe would go with or maybe that outfit. I know my style, but there are times that I stretch myself when buying a style not necessarily mine.

Below is a new pair of 3" heels that I bought for wearing at work. They are cute and classic in design. And I bought a pair of comfortably flats to wear, too. What do you think?

As I am wearing my heels in public more and more I am becoming a lot more relaxed and not worrying so much about reactions to my wearing heels. Like today when I stopped at a convenience store, the lady at the counter commented that I am sparkling today (was wearing 4 1/2" heeled sandals that were black with glittering stones on the straps) and an older guy was standing there and he glances down at my shoes and I, without missing a beat, said, "I've got to glitter sometimes". The guy didn't say a word. But what made me feel good afterward was the fact that I was completely okay, that I did not feel nervous. Even when I walk through the mall or a store when it is busy, I find myself relaxed wearing my heels and proud that I do wear heels. So if any of you are just starting out wearing your heels in public and have the case of the nerves, just keep strutting your heels, there will come a day when BAM you find that your fears and nerves have vanished. Just like they did for me.

Just one last thing, if any of you are ever in the South Bend, Indiana area and want to meet to shop or just have a meet and greet, let me know. And as always, keep strutting those heels! Chow!




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