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Found 8 results

  1. Oh the perils of wearing heels in public so much that I forget that sometimes I should think before wearing them in certain places. Well if you are like me and wear heels most of the time, you can sometimes space out that wearing the heels in certain places can get you gawked at and can hear the comments about you being "something less than a man for wearing heels." But that is the story here. I was doing some contract work in a town that has a high percentage of Amish, Mennonite and farmers last week. And I decided that one day to wear a pair of my sexy black high heel sandals even though it was not exactly sandal weather. I, of course wore nude nylons with the sandals to help keep my toes a little warm when outside (which consisted of walking between the car and the building). At noon I realized that I had to go to the bank and as luck would have it my bank was just down the street from where I was working. Hopped in my car and drove to the bank and noticed that the bank was kinda busy but didn't really give it a thought. Okay getting out of my car and starting up to the bank entrance, I started to notice that there were a number of Amish guys heading for the door, too. Crap! it was to late to go back to the car and way to late to just stand there and wait for them to go through the door in front of me. So sucking in ever ounce of my courage, I just strode up to the door and went in. Now there was no way that they did now, nor the people inside not notice that I was wearing 4" heels! My heels were making that musical click-click as I walked across the lot and the bank floor. Heads turned to see and they saw me! The Amish women looked away and whispered to each other while the men smirked and laughed amongst themselves. None of them had the guts to say anything to my face (thank goodness!) but I could hear the snide remarks about a guy wearing heels. I, for my part, put on a brave face, stood proudly in my heels and strutted to the teller, did my business and walked proudly back to my car. Was I freaking out on the inside? You bet! But I was damned if I was going to cower and run away. I wear my heels because I love them, not to impress anyone else. So please take this away from my story; don't let people intimidate you for wearing heels and if you find yourself in a situation like I was...just walk proud, walk confidently and do what makes you feel good. Maybe one day men wearing heels will be more accepted. But it takes each one of us that love heels right now to stand up and be proud of our heels, wear them out in public and encourage others to wear heels proudly. Thanks for listening, and as always...keep strutting your heels!
  2. Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I am from Northern Indiana, fairly close to the Michigan border. I have been married for 19 years to a wonderfully understanding wife. For about three years now I have been wearing high heels first at home but now a lot more in public. I am a big proponent that guys should be able to wear heels and women's shoes if they so wish. I find that when I wear my heels, they make me feel good, feel more confident and I find them sexy. My heels tend to range from 4 to 6 inch in height. I have t-strap heels, calf high boots, open toe heels, thigh high boots, etc. I tend to stay with simple, classic design and color with a little bling on them. I will attach a few photos so you can get an idea of what I wear. I first got into wearing heels when I first got involved with Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. This is an international men's walk to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. I have been walking in the event (more than one in any given year) for about ten years. Hope to be a help, and encouragement and build bridges with this group. Thanks for listening and hope to get to know you all better!
  3. Finally it is here! Spring has sprung and I am loving strutting my heeled sandals! Feels so good feeling the warm spring air blowing across my toes after such a long, cold weather. Well I have been a bit absent on here as I started a new job and was so busy learning all the duties and such. But now I have a little breather and thought that I would bring you up on what I have been up to. And believe me it had a lot to do with shoes. I am going to have to sit myself down and snap some photos of the shoes that I have bought recently. Seems like when ever I turn around I see another pair of heels that I just must have! I think I am up to 30 pairs now. I can now see how women can have many, many pairs of shoes. When ever I now walk by a display of shoes I am looking at them with an eye as to what outfit this shoe would go with or maybe that outfit. I know my style, but there are times that I stretch myself when buying a style not necessarily mine. Below is a new pair of 3" heels that I bought for wearing at work. They are cute and classic in design. And I bought a pair of comfortably flats to wear, too. What do you think? As I am wearing my heels in public more and more I am becoming a lot more relaxed and not worrying so much about reactions to my wearing heels. Like today when I stopped at a convenience store, the lady at the counter commented that I am sparkling today (was wearing 4 1/2" heeled sandals that were black with glittering stones on the straps) and an older guy was standing there and he glances down at my shoes and I, without missing a beat, said, "I've got to glitter sometimes". The guy didn't say a word. But what made me feel good afterward was the fact that I was completely okay, that I did not feel nervous. Even when I walk through the mall or a store when it is busy, I find myself relaxed wearing my heels and proud that I do wear heels. So if any of you are just starting out wearing your heels in public and have the case of the nerves, just keep strutting your heels, there will come a day when BAM you find that your fears and nerves have vanished. Just like they did for me. Just one last thing, if any of you are ever in the South Bend, Indiana area and want to meet to shop or just have a meet and greet, let me know. And as always, keep strutting those heels! Chow!
  4. So, I just wanted to tell my brief story about the one and only time I wore my boots out in public. It's nothing really super exciting or nearly as daring as some of you, but I just feel compelled to share it. So, I had wanted to try wearing my heels out for quite some time and couldnt find the best place to do so without endangering myself or my wife. We don't exactly live in the best of areas near people that I would entrust to not start something with someone they didn't accept if you catch my drift. After some discussion, we determined the best place to go where I would never "stick out" was the adult shop. Yes it seems cliche, but we have been to this shop a couple of times and know it's never busy and anyone shopping in there are usually either too nervous to even make eye contact with another customer or they are too busy making fun of the sex toys to notice anything. So after packing my boots into a bag to get them out to the car (I have family that lives on both sides of my house and they do not need to know about these things) I got in the car and put my boots on while my wife drove. I had on long jeans and a cheap pair of faux leather OTKs we had bought at Sears a few years ago. I had the pant legs over the boots so you had no idea how high up they went. They also had a thicker 4" heel which was mostly exposed. The walk across the parking lot was a little nerve racking because the heels were echoing off the pavement and anyone outside instantly knew my wifes flip flops werent making that noise. The inside of the store is carpet, so nothing happened in there. We bought a couple of toys and headed out. My only mistake was picking that pair of boots to wear, not that I had too much choice at that point. My other boots were either grey knee high platform boots with 6" heels, leather thigh high 5" stiletto heels or thigh high PVC boots. I didnt have quite the selection I have now. Keep in mind, I said these were cheap boots. The foot bed had 0 padding and after 10 minutes I had a hot spot on the balls of my feet. My god did that hurt, but I wasnt going to let that stop me. It was certainly exhilarating (even with being so uneventful), and I would like to eventually try it again some day. Just like I said, we have to be very selective where we go. The mall would be an awesome experience to browse through Macy's and Dillard's, but there are too many "boyz n the hood" in the main section of the mall and I get uncomfortable even in normal clothing when I go, never mind having heels clacking away to attract their attention.
  5. Hi All, I have a place I like to go to (generally in the evenings) where I can walk about in my heels (very quiet area). I was sitting on a bench just enjoying the coast and then in the distance I could hear talking and it was getting louder! by now i'm starting to panic slightly and they walked right past me.... I froze OMG it the first time I I had been caught! so I had to just keep my head down and sat there.... was a horrible experience but after it was over and I thought about it, it wasn't too bad and I have been back since. I was wearing black jeans with black heels and nude nylons (so I did stand out a bit with the nude nylons) I have always worried what other people think (easier said than done not to worry about it) so maybe now it's happened, I wont feel so embarrassed if it happens again
  6. I had quite a recent outing in my favourite heels on my bike that I would like to share and also ask for any other people's similar experiences. I decided to take a ride on my bike, about 3 miles both ways at night, wearing my 6-inch heeled stiletto pumps with a pair of long black dressy trousers. The trousers managed to reach down concealing about half of the massive heel. Of course, it was still obvious that I was wearing heels, you could still see from the side the steep arch of my heel and half of the heel itself as well as the gorgeous semi-pointy toed front part of the shoe. But that 'discreet' look was much more obvious when I was cycling of course, because of my bent legs on my bike, the pumps were almost entirely visible. The idea was that I would be cycling for the most part but also doing some walking, click-clacking in my stilettos when in less busy areas. Using the bike to move about quickly (but also making my heels much more obvious) and walk in other areas, with my trousers partly concealing my heels (there was nothing I could do with the sound, at ten-ish at night, walking on the pavement in heels still makes a tremendously loud and distinctive noise), many times outside housing blocks! I looked pretty much like the lady in the picture attached, except my trousers reached noticeably lower than hers. (By the way, I have HUGE respect for girls who actually cycle in their high heels. I have not seen any in person but know a few of them sometimes do. Cycling does not have to be in sports gear!) The trousers also managed to conceal - almost entirely when standing up and partly when cycling - the chains and padlocks that I had locked my heels on my feet with. Although hesitating at first, I decided to set off for this 3-mile ride having left the keys to these padlocks at home. I stopped a few times to walk in my heels, reeling my bike when I was in quieter areas. About half-way through my cycle ride, when I was as far from home as I would go, I sat down on a park bench for 10 minutes to relax in the still of the night. Playfully moving my pantyhose-clad foot about, left and right, as I was sitting cross-legged, but not being able to play shoe dangle! I realised just how strict these chains were at keeping my pumps practically stuck to my soles and my feet, I could not even separate them from the soles of my feet for more than half a centimeter. The chain-padlock ensemble was not just for the looks, it was remarkably effective at making sure that, even if I was tempted to take my heels off and cycle barefoot, it would be completely impossible to do so. I had an awesome time during this ride. Cycling in heels, although it took a bit of getting used to, proved perfectly fine and safe as you are only pedalling with the front part of the shoe which is flat. Although, feeling a bit anxious, worried and self-conscious at first - I felt wonderful throughout the ride, thinking I was riding in such stylish and elegant shoes that were truly stuck to my feet until I got back home. I was noticed by a man and, later, by a woman walking her dog as I was walking with the bike on my side and also as I was cycling along, by a couple of cars that happened to be coming from behind me. Though I was cycling on the pavement and was no hazard of them hurting me, both cars slowed down considerably when going past me! No comments or wolf-whistling though! Anybody had any similar experiences cycling in their heels? What kind of heels were they? Were you noticed a lot? What sort of places did you cycle to and what kind of comments (if any) did you receive?
  7. A couple of days ago, I saw yet another woman with heels on the street, and something clicked. I knew that if I ever want to be truly happy I must stop hiding what I love. I want to look back at my life when I'm old and say that I did what I wanted to do, and be proud of it. This is also coupled with my (unrelated) strong anti-gender norm feelings. I want change in society, but I realised that I would have to be that change. So I decided that I would start heeling publicly. Today I did the first test: Going to a shoe store and try on heels for the first time, instead of internet shopping. A saleswoman saw me, smiled and left. When She passed me again I asked about her opinion. She didn't find it strange, said that everybody should wear what they want. Nobody else made a remark. A lovely reaction for the first open experience! (You can Imagine how awesome it was to be finally able to try on all the heels they had. I even put on some long boots, and they are cool!) I talked about it with my parents. They say it's up to me, and even though they have remarks they won't stop me. My mom is still uncomfortable with the idea of the whole community knowing about it, though. The next part of my plan is to find some actual nice heels for me, the ones I have at home are not what I want to be seen in Any thoughts or tips on making the first outings as smooth as possible? Thanks. (PS: If you don't recognize me, my name used to be 'jorisken123')
  8. .... I wore flats, opaque nylons and black jogging bottoms... All black so no one noticed so not really heels! it felt really good, it was late at night and I was still a bit nervous but the longer I was out the more I didnt care, I had to walk to get my car so thought what the heck lets try it! It was an hour long walk and I'd only ever walked around my estate before but this was through the city centre so I'm happy Maybe try a supermarket late at night next!
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