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Training to Wear Your Heels Comfortably



Selfie1.png.3354a666a41a23b45f61a5e31d63b266.pngGreetings from the land of cold weatPark.pngher!

That's right, that is me out at our local park thinking that I was going to get some quality walking time in my heels, you know to get my strut on. Thank goodness I did not go with my original heels that I planned to wear which were my 4.5" sandal heels or my feet would have certainly felt no pain as they would have been frozen by the twenty some degree winds! As is was, even with my booties on with thicker socks I was still too cold in the wind to walk the one and a half mile paved path. So I took a few pictures and went back home to where it was nice and warm! Here are the picks I took:

Oh I was going to show off this really cute blouse I bought at Target that I was wearing with the above, but sorry guys! I was not about to freeze to just snap you a photo! Maybe next time! :giggle::giggle:




Some Suggestions to Improve Your Heel Experience

As I was warming back up at home, I thought about things that I do to improve my time walking in heels and thought that just maybe you'd benefit some what if I shared those things. So with that intro, let me just jump onto my heel training tips!

Wear Your Heels Around the House

That is what I do, just wear various heels that I have every day when I am home. That means when I sweep the floor with the vacuum cleaner (not a light one either), I do the dishes, or just hang around the house I am wearing heels. Why you may ask? It helps to train me to be able to walk on various surfaces while doing everyday tasks. You will learn very quickly how well you handle moving around wearing heels doing this. It develops an almost fluid walk since you are doing so much walking.

I even wear my heels outside since we have a hard-packed gravel drive and level grassy areas. Now you may be saying, you can’t walk in grass or gravel. Well you certainly won’t be able to unless you practice doing it! That is why I walk outside. That way when I am wearing my heels out and about I will know how to handle uneven, shifting surfaces with grace and style.

Another advantage to wearing heels at home is that you learn how to sit properly in heels (this is more important if you wear skirts, dresses or jeggings with a shirt dress). Many guys just plop down when they sit and need to practice sitting gracefully and mimic how a woman sits. It’s all about making your walk, your movement graceful and confident.

Exercise for Wearing Heels

I also make exercising my legs and feet a priority every day. The first item I recommend you get is a slant board (which I am showing here). The angle the incline should be is between 15 and 22 degrees. Mine is at 22 degrees as I have been using one for years. The photo illustrates the basic pieces that go into making your own slant board. If you need there are some good videos on YouTube showing how they are constructed.


I use that to help stretch my calve muscles when standing in the morning after a warm shower. I also do calve lifts during the day when I have a few moments to knock out twenty at a time. Here is what they look like:

Double-Leg-Calf-Raises.jpg.292936633902ab93421e9763249fa442.jpgI usually do mine on the steps leading into our house. But you could use any stable box shape to do the lifts. It will most definitely

help stretch your leg muscles.

And the final thing that I do is to get out and walk in my heels whether that is at the mall a park or where ever I can have a good walk. The idea is that I strengthen the muscles that I need walk in my heels comfortably. I think of it like this, you would not go out to run a marathon with only a few hours of training would you. Same with heels. If you want to walk in them comfortably and with few aches or pains you have got to exercise and practice in them. The more supple your muscles are, the easier it will be to walk with grace and poise in heels.





Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Okay, just want to let everyone know that it is that time of year when the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes starts to have events all over the US and in Canada. This is a dear-to-my-heart charity. Their tag line is: 

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®

The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence

The link to their website is:  Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and I would suggest that you visit the site to see what they are all about.

I have done this event numerous times in the past few years. It is a blast and the money goes to a good cause. Plus it is a great way to get out in your heels. They do have official heels but they will not care if you have your own heels. I bought a pair of heels with ankle straps that are at least red (the color of the official shoes). The shoes they offer are Le Dame Footwear.

Hey maybe we could even organize to meet at certain events, something like a meet and greet as a bonus. But that is up to you guys. If you want to, I am in!

Well that is all I have to say about that! I hope you enjoyed the blog, maybe learned something or just had fun reading it. If you did, spread it around!

As always...keep strutting those heels!




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Great post! I luckily now have a job that involves lots of walking, including a bit of up-and-down a ladder so the workout regime is all there.

I also would love to participate in one of the Walk events, learned about them around 2009 or so, when they seemed to have been more active. Now as I look for any nearby, the closest I can attend...is four hours away. So that's a no-go. I just started work anyway so getting the days off would be hard.

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