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New Grey Boots 2013



new grey boots from gianrico mori ebay store





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I don't know if it's in your comfort zone or not, but try those with a skinny jean and line up the inner seam of the jean with the zipper. I think you'll like the look.

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Ya, that's what I do with my boots as well, too nice a boot to hide under pants! I don't really like boots with bo platforms, but these are really nice!

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heels is very high. i need to practice more & more to walk correctly with this heel height before outting with my boots. for the jean, we will see later , i take the picture 5 min after receiving boots ^^

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Yes, skinny jeans or tights with those would look great with a tunic style blouse! 

Im looking for new grey boots, what brand and where from?

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