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  1. They are European size 43 and the heels 16.5 cms high
  2. These have been my favourite pair for a long time, even though I still can't manage to walk in them.
  3. Having spent some time checking the Italian Heels website, I can vouch for the fabulous shoes they make and show on their site. There are so many pairs I would love from them.Not least of all these:-
  4. I can't agree with the description of heels as slutty. In my opinion, slutty is the adjective normally associated with a type of behaviour. Just because heels are high or have a platform doesn't make them slutty. We are in the middle of the awards season, and most of the female stars wear very high heels for the red carpet. Would you say that they are wearing slutty heels? That infers that they are sluts, and I don't think they would appreciate that very much.
  5. For those who remember her site, I don't think you will need reminding of it. For those who don't, you really missed out on a great site. What I would love to know if anyone can tell me, how is the lovely lady herself. She had some stunning high heels as I recall, then for personal reasons had to close down the site. I'd like to know how she is these days. Miss seeing her site and using her forum.
  6. Not sure it's mine you want the links to, but if it is, then the first pair is The second pair is and the last pair is I hope this is of some help to you Best wishes fiddler1307
  7. These are my own particular favourites. Hope you like them. Note the lacing on the first pair, they stay laced.
  8. I must just say they are a couple of my favourites too Linda. In fact I believe all your photos would fal in the category of my favourites. XXX
  9. Welcome to the site Linda. Your husband is a very lucky man. Love the photos you have posted so far and am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing more.
  10. How long do you intend having them locked on for? Hope you enjoy the experience.