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How to post images

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If you want to post photos/images, there is the option to post from your own webspace or use one of the many free services available.

eg http://www.imagehost.org

Or, go to http://www.google.com and do a search for "free online image hosting" or if you haven't heard of Google and don't know how to use a search engine just follow this link:


You post pics by going to the site in question, as found above, generally using the browse hard drive gadget they supply, or similar utility, and uploading them from your hard drive to the webserver. You will be given a URL where your pic can be found on the server. You then copy and paste this URL between the tags and in your post.

Do not try and link pics from your hard drive. They must be on a WEBSERVER and you get them on a WEBSERVER by uploading them as above and you LINK to them by placing the URL (http address) as given to you by the image site BETWEEN the and tags in your post. Do not put any spaces in your code which might look something like this:

Posted Image

The http address will vary from host to host and will be given to you when you upload your image. The easiest way is to highlight it with your mouse and ctrlC (copy) then go to your post box and ctrl(V) (paste) it between the tags (Don't insert any spaces, and if you do, edit them out).

Glossary of terms for the really really new people

Image - A picture ususally in jpg or gif format.

Jpg or gif - Two common ways of storing pictures in compressed form.

URL - Uniform resource locator. An internet address beginning with http://

Webserver - A computer which is connected to the web all the time and has a web address so data (eg images) can be retrived from it.

Host - Someone who has a webserver where you can upload things.

Upload - The process of transferring an image from your computer to the webserver.

BBCode Tags - Simplified version of HTML for use on a message board like this one. The tags for images are %7Boption%7D and around the URL of the image (no spaces anywhere please).

Remember, if you put a space or punctuation before the http:// or in the tag eg [ img] your image won't display. Computers are stupid so you have to use the right syntax. Rember to use a valid URL which is on a WEBSERVER which allows linking to images from other sites.

If you follow all the instructions your picture will display. If you get anything wrong it won't.

Good luck with posting images!

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hi there, I'm Brad Johnson (demoniaplatforms) & just got my old camera back & now took a pic of my DEMONIA knee high "kiss" boots & then put them on PHOTOBUCKET, but I do NOT know how "cut & paste" or whatever you mean by that term, in order to send my pic from THAT web site to THIS site. I would like some help with this if @ all possible, thanks, demoniaplatforms

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Alternatively you can post images you've uploaded to your own galleries here on hhplace. Pretty much the only way to post customized images without use of webspace that I've found

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I use Flickr. I don't know how or if I can share from this site. Hope someone can help.

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