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As we all know, nearly two years ago the world changed and we're still trying to recover from this. Covid obviously!

Broadly speaking everything shut down in 2020, and although this was an unwelcome direction it did open the door to new considerations. Through 2020 and 2021 I (like most) have had to adjust to a very different way of life (not complaining just stating). Strangely logging in to here became very much a secondary concern to me and ultimately to the point that I haven't logged in for many months.

Since the spring/summer this year, since the doors started to reopen, i've had an opportunity to spring clean. As previously attended activities gradually reopened, it gave me the chance to ask the question if I wanted to restart or let somrthing go, as maybe I was previously doing this because it was more of a habit than anything else.

So now, a few more months on, I've dropped a few areas that were clearly just historical time fillers and it's given me a new and refreshed view. One thing I did notice was that there was something missing, and that was access to this community as it provides a unique space for discussions and thoughts.

I should say that since March 2020 I've still been buying, vary occassinaly, new packages. I orderd one from the US in late March (2020) and it took till July to arrive, both me and the seller thought the parcel had been lost but one day it finally arrived.

This last week I ordered a new pair of boots, which are expected to be here this week and it was this that highlighted the 'missing thing'.

So it brings me full circle, I've missed a lot over the last eighteen months by not being here and i've clearly missed it. So I'm looking forward to getting back to reading people's stories, experiences and encounters, and of course sharing pictures of new aquisitions.

Great to be back!

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