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How to become a shoemaker?

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A few years ago, there was a member, a Dr. Shoe if I remember correctly, that posted several comments about his experiences attending a shoe making school.  He lived somewhere in the U.K.  Perhaps his past comments could be found if someone used the "search" feature of this site if they were really interested.  


interestingly, he was the only member that I ever learned of that transitioned from male to female after he becoming a grandfather.

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@deathcon4 Personally I think that doesn't exist an specific school of shoemaker, there are some designers and patternmakers schools but this in only one little part of the process of making footwear. I have been linked to the shoe world since my childhood and have always worked on it. Manufacturing shoes has envloved in several crafts jobs so training in all requires a lot of time and experience. Generally you can learn next to a master shoemaker and as a rule each shoemaker specializes in a specific sector.

There are a lots of books and publications about this, but you would need last or do them yourself to start practicing. My recommendation is to look for work in a shoe factory. 

Good luck and hope you get your illusion.

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