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Hi New here from italy

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Dzaancic    1

Hi my name is Daniele.

I m 32 from italy.

Married with a big foot and heels fetish. 

I love to buy heels to my wife.


Simeone from italy?

Or with the same passion?

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maninboots    100

Hi Daniele, welcome to the site, I think you'll find we all have the same passion on here, you'll also find everyone really friendly and helpful here too, do you like to wear heels and if so do you go public with them, a lot of us do both whilst keeping our male identity, if you need any help or advice on this don't hesitate to ask either myself or anyone else on here, enjoy the site and enjoy your heeling 

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Thighbootguy    1,125

First WELCOME to the site.  There are folks here with many different interest in heels.  Some of us like to wear them, some not so much.  We always enjoy hearing a different point of view.  Italy does have a reputation for nice heels, and the shape of the country reminds me of a great thigh boot.

ITALY.JPG.a18121b77f90f0a17eb79c596225dfe0.JPG Old Photoshoped image

2 hours ago, Dzaancic said:

Really i don t like to wear heels.

Have you ever tried?  It really is a lot of fun.


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