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  1. The long and short of all of this is quite simple. You can quote sales figures and stats, and anything and everything that social media may or may not be saying. In the end other than some displays that you may see in or on the various media outlets showing men in heels (and be thankful there are some, and some pull it off very well) the simple and plain fact is that it is not something that you see on the streets everyday. Now it is also true that you don't see a lot of women on the streets in heels either, most of the that do wear heels change into them when they get to where they are going,
  2. Sorry to hear that Cali. I have read that if you wish to go down then you should progressively wear lower heels so that your ankle tendons will lengthen out so that you can stand flat footed for longer periods of time without pain. But then if you wish to stay in higher heels you can of course ignore this and just enjoy wearing your heels.
  3. I really think Miss Amanda stated this the best. To realize that your body has become accustomed to wearing heels and that the tendons in the ankle have shortened because of this and the resultant pain that would be the result would be as tortuous as some of the Asian practices the physically deformed the feet of certain females to cause them to ever be able to walk. The only fortunate thing about this particular issue is that even if someone were to become "stuck" this is not a permanent disfigurement and can be overcome by progressively wearing heels of a lower height in steps until being ab
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