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  6. Skirts!

    I will state that this is a good look for stretch PVC. The photo appears to be in Black and White so I cannot tell if hose are being worn or not. The look would be complete if worn with a nude or beige colored hose, or hose and knee high stretch PVC boots would be good too.
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    Dead Sea
  9. Skirts!

    The skirt itself is made out of latex. Wearing this for daily wear would not be advised as the material can be damaged with relative ease and thus exposure is very likely. While it is a fascinating look and very erotic in its own right I would suggest that if you did get something like it that you get something in a stretch PVC so that it would be more durable in the daily environment. Of course then you'd have to take care of those horny folks hitting on you so be careful. Otherwise I think its a fantastic look if you can pull it off.
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  11. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I think you have hit on something here JeffB. Maybe that is why men hate shopping so badly. The choices they have are so bland and limited that when they have to shopping with a woman they discover how much more the women have to choose from and then get annoyed that they can get done in 10 minutes while the women get to search through so much that they can easily get distracted for hours on end. I know when I really get into it I can look at and try on stuff for so long that I've actually started 3 hours before closing time and was still trying on an hour after closing. Now that's fun and the SA's were so nice about it too, especially when they get a good sale out of their extended time on duty.
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