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PLEASE HELP / Les Baisers des Etoiles

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Dear community.

Unfortunately I have a quite huge problem. Does anybody know the company Mandoch Srl and its brand Les Baisers des Etoiles? In January I ordered some pairs of shoes there. Until the present day I haven't received them. E-Mails won't be answered and on the phone they don't speak English. So, is any Italian speaking member here willing to help me? I'm so glad when that one could just phone them quickly. I'm willing to pay an amount for the effort. Please contact me via private message.

Thank you.


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I don't speak Italian, but you may want to try out Skype with the translate function. Skype will take whatever you say in English, translate it into Italian and actually SPEAK in Italian to the one you are calling. If he/she replies in Italian, Skype translate the voice to English and reads it to you.

This way, you can talk to them directly. You will need Skype, some credits on Skype to make a local phone call in Italy, and a very good headset (preferably via USB that uses digital sound recording) with microphone, so the Skype software will be able to pick up your voice perfectly. As long as you stick to simple grammar & sentences, you may be able to actually communicate your issue to the manufacturer.

You can get the Skype translate preview here. A video on how it works can be found on the same page.

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