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  1. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    interesting... did you buy them from timberland site??
  2. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    they are not bad looking but the price is way too much....
  3. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    wow inquisitor, you sure have a nice collection... some models I like, while honestly some others I find to be too feminine, but oh welll to each his own... I like the first pair you posted, that pair which is sort of converse like. it seems the wedge is well hidden and they do not have the heel tip showing, where did you get them??
  4. Looks Like Sole Struck is throwing in the towel...

    i got this mail too....sad to hear that and I wonder what happened...
  5. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    I agree...if tha back part was totally straight they would be perfect... have you tried the nike air max revolution sky high?? i got a pair of these too and the back does not stick out so much, but they seem to be somehow high as sneakers..but very comfy
  6. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    the dunk sky hi are very cool shoes and comfortable too....too bad they are going out of style now more or less like the wedge sneakers trend...
  7. At home do you stay heeled all day?

    i stay in heels as much as i can, especially in i do not have to run up and down the stairs
  8. New Demonia boots

    wow they are fabulous!! I would love having a nice walk in them...enjoy
  9. PLEASE HELP / Les Baisers des Etoiles

    see this now, I am Italian, I could help if you still want...
  10. Love these boots

    beautiful to say the least...
  11. Bargain boots

    cool boots
  12. Me and my S.O in our heels together

    cool picture congratulations
  13. Biting the bullet....

    both looks are definitely cool and spot on!!
  14. wedge sneakers - which and where?

    the nike dunk shy hi are one of the best options as far as big sizes are concerned. they are also quite popular but i would think the biggest sizes would be available usually on line, at lest here in italy the stores like footlocker only have till 39. another good choice could be the pumas but i do not see them so avaialble
  15. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    anybody seen any interesting wedge sneakers styles lately???