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Vintage High Heels

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I've seen pictures of Springolators but have never actually seen a pair.  Then there were the slides made by Polly's of California.  They had a wood base with about a 3/4" platform and the heel was brass about halfway up.  They were big with strippers in the 50's and 60's.  They are available again through several companies.  I think they are very hot!

If the shoe fits-buy it!!!!!!

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My junior high school English teacher wore springolator heeled sandals all the time. She had two pair, one in gold and one in animal print. 

She was an attractive lady, I loved looking at her and her sandals.  I tried to sit in the front of the class as much as possible. 

She was a pretty good English teacher too.  That's why I right so good.....  sf


"Why should girls have all the fun!!"

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