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Those of you following Amanda's wonderful thread http://hhplace.org/topic/22873-links-to-the-worst-music-ever/page-7#entry343313 will know that I have a plan to collaborate with Julian Lloyd-Webber on a musical about about the career of Jeremy Clarkson http://www.jeremyclarkson.co.uk/  I haven't approached him yet (Julian Lloyd-Webber, not Jeremy Clarkson.  I have no intention of approaching him or he may want a cut), but I have faith in sibling rivalry.  Now, I'm aiming to rework some of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's songs on the sly (so shh!) but obviously don't want to do too much work, so if any of you could think of lines that might be changed there might be a drink in it for you.

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Why would you waqnt to do anything to help encourage that absolute twat called Clarkson. The only thing I can think of is to make it a Gilbert & Sullivan type operetta that completely makes a bigger idiot of him that he makes of himself. The quicker people like Clarkson are thrown off any type of show the better as far as I am concerned.

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Indeed.  The BBC runs scared of The Daily Mail again.  We have three men playing caricatures of themselves and that's funny.


What I was after was something on the lines of, :sing: 'So what happens now (sotto voce) another suitcase and a missing steak/So what happens now (sotto voce) I don't think the producer has what it takes.'


I don't intend Clarkson to  get any royalties, hence the need for secrecy.  He won't get his fingers on this, but I'd like something to offer to Julian.

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