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  1. A brilliant version of a great song. I almost found myself singing along.
  2. Can you imagine this type of report appearing in the media? President Trump, in all his satirical elegance wearing a lilac suit, blue shirt, red knee length tie and white Nike sneakers greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is wearing a pink suit and an orange shirt open at the neck with three inch heeled open toe sandals. The mind boggles. What a sight it would be though.
  3. Shy heels, I think you are referring to a ZOOT suit, not a soot (which would naturally be black!!).
  4. To me the answer seems simple. Not only ban ties, ban suits as well. Surely a smart pair of trousers and a collared shirt with a jacket if necessary are all that is needed for work or play.
  5. I recall wanting a pair of 'winklepickers' way back when, I think I was about 13 at the time. As parents were not so easy going in those days, you basically wore what they bought you what they wanted you to wear, I had to wait some three years until I was working so I could buy them myself. never had a pair of 'beatle boots' (maybe because I couldn't stand them)but was right into the platform soles of the 70's even though in my 30's by that time.
  6. Shyheels - that would not be the first time that has been attempted. I recall a few years ago that a member of the Russian Parliament wanted to do the same thing as he considered them a 'health hazard, due I think, to the dangers of injured ankles. personally, as man who for more than sixty years has absolutely loved seeing women in heels, maybe a law should be considered making them, along with skirts, compulsory wearing for women. (Well one can always dream!!)
  7. There should be laws against the wearing of this ridiculous piece of 'fashion'.
  8. Thanks for trying thighbootguy but the result is the same. Jkrenzer. I am much the same, noticing continuity lapses in movies, TV shows etc. I think one of the best know is when Michelle was playing catwoman. In one scene it is obvious when she cartwheels across a roof it is obvious that ( the stuntwoman?) is wearing boots without heels but once the shot changes to catwoman standing on the roof heels are seen. On a slightly different subject, many years ago there was a scene in an Australian police show where a girl walking down the street was wearing a short checked skirt. After she had entered the 'shop' (what Americans would call a pharmacy) she was wearing a plain green skirt but on leaving the shop later in the scene the checked skirt was being worn again.
  9. On trying to watch this video I received the message 'not available' in your area, which is the big land down under.
  10. We got to see this show 'down under'. Certainly one of the funnier shows of the period.
  11. Has anyone noticed that although Trump will have a 'title' (President) for 4/8 years, he has given his son a 'title' for life - Barron (Baron) Trump.
  12. A great forum. In my case, as a fan of rock 'n roll music since the late 50's, although I can not recall any just at this moment, there have been more than I care to think about.
  13. I used to collect beer cans (after drinking them of course). I think I may have had as many as 150 (all different brands). The trick was to make them appear unopened by using an opener on the bottom of the can instead of pulling the tab. You would be surprised how many people, on picking one up thinking it full, wondered how I got hold of empty cans. After moving from a house into an apartment I had to get rid of them because I no longer had the room to keep them. All I collect now are memories (if the grey cell is working that day).
  14. What I was trying to say is that apart from knowing the title in English is 'No Regrets' I have absolutely no idea of what the words are or what they might mean as I cannot recall ever hearing an English version of the song. And bugger. Now the song is in my head again.
  15. I have one at present as well. One of the fast food outlets is using the old Edith Piaf song that I think the title translates into 'No Regrets'. Although not having heard the song for years it now vibrates through my head all day. By the way, I have always liked the song although I have no idea of what it means in French.