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  1. Add a 'c' in front of rap and you have the right word to describe this so-called 'music'.
  2. Congrats to Grey's Anatomy (see why inside)

    Another crap American show.
  3. Is the world ready for flip-flops?

    I agree Bluejay I also hate the mere sight of flipflops (or thongs as they are known in the 'land down under). Should be totally consigned to oblivion and made against the law to wear the horrible looking things.
  4. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    Neither do I - and I live in a major city.
  5. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    I recall hearing a story about the comments of a male on a talk back radio program in the UK (Norfolk area). He said he was fed up of not seeing women wearing skirts and heels, always seeming to walk and act like 'pseudo males'. The story also stated that the radio's studio switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree as feminists rushed to condemn the man. His wife was said to have later stated that she always wore skirts and heels, adding by her own choice not her husband forcing her to do so.
  6. That terrible song by Miley Cyrus's dad 'Achey Breaky Heart' I think was the title.
  7. Shorts?

    Not from 'Mucky Maccas' I hope.
  8. Shorts?

    Down here in Oz, apart from a few weeks in 'winter', I wear shorts virtually all the time as does just about everybody else of both sexes. I even know of some business people who wear shorts to'from work and change at the office. Even my PJ's are 'shorts' during the warm summer months.
  9. A brilliant version of a great song. I almost found myself singing along.
  10. Legs-it

    Can you imagine this type of report appearing in the media? President Trump, in all his satirical elegance wearing a lilac suit, blue shirt, red knee length tie and white Nike sneakers greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is wearing a pink suit and an orange shirt open at the neck with three inch heeled open toe sandals. The mind boggles. What a sight it would be though.
  11. Legs-it

    Shy heels, I think you are referring to a ZOOT suit, not a soot (which would naturally be black!!).
  12. Suits without ties

    To me the answer seems simple. Not only ban ties, ban suits as well. Surely a smart pair of trousers and a collared shirt with a jacket if necessary are all that is needed for work or play.
  13. Beatle boots and winklepickers

    I recall wanting a pair of 'winklepickers' way back when, I think I was about 13 at the time. As parents were not so easy going in those days, you basically wore what they bought you what they wanted you to wear, I had to wait some three years until I was working so I could buy them myself. never had a pair of 'beatle boots' (maybe because I couldn't stand them)but was right into the platform soles of the 70's even though in my 30's by that time.
  14. Suits without ties

    Shyheels - that would not be the first time that has been attempted. I recall a few years ago that a member of the Russian Parliament wanted to do the same thing as he considered them a 'health hazard, due I think, to the dangers of injured ankles. personally, as man who for more than sixty years has absolutely loved seeing women in heels, maybe a law should be considered making them, along with skirts, compulsory wearing for women. (Well one can always dream!!)
  15. Suits without ties

    There should be laws against the wearing of this ridiculous piece of 'fashion'.

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