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My Girlfriend's Heels!

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Last week we went with my girlfriend for a long shopping tour at a commercial park. She was wearing these beautiful 5.75" platform sandals (1.25" platform)!




Despite the long walking, window watching and shopping, we continued afterwards for a drink. I was amazed on how determined she was to keep on these very uncomfortable shoes, although she admitted that her feet were killing her!

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My girl in her 6 inch sandals, going for a morning coffee with a friend!

She really adores these heels, she wore them almost everywhere this summer! For daily tasks around the city, for casual activities, for shopping, for clubbing...

There were days that she started her day on them and refused to take them off 'till the evening! She really gets much attention when wearing these heels and she likes it!



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Ok, this time my girl crossed the limits (and i love it! :cool:)... She keeps going higher and higher...

She dared to appear at the beach this vacation on these skyhigh wooden stiletto mules! These have a thin 6.5" heel with a 1.5" platform! She also wore them for everyday activities during vacation (to take a coffee before the beach, for grocery shopping etc.), they were really her favorite casual footwear this summer!

Of course she sttruggled a bit sometimes on the sandy beach and had to be careful, but this made her even more sexy and graceful! :cheeky:

The first picture is from the ferry arriving at vacation and the other two rushing to catch the bus for the beach. Tell me what you think!




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Hi, well you ask to say something, so let me do it!
First of all, let me congratulate your wife, as it seems she wears amazingly high heels on a daily basis, and for all of us, I mean men who wears heels, we can honestly know how hard and painful it can be!

Secondly, among her love for high heels, she has very good taste and wers sandals perfectly!

And this last photo shots of your vacations are my favorites, just amazing!

Thank you for sharing your life which from the pictures point of view looks sexy!

One question, does your wife get noticed, looked at, get compliments regularly, as the kind of shoes she wears is not really common?


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