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  1. Ok, this time my girl crossed the limits (and i love it! )... She keeps going higher and higher... She dared to appear at the beach this vacation on these skyhigh wooden stiletto mules! These have a thin 6.5" heel with a 1.5" platform! She also wore them for everyday activities during vacation (to take a coffee before the beach, for grocery shopping etc.), they were really her favorite casual footwear this summer! Of course she sttruggled a bit sometimes on the sandy beach and had to be careful, but this made her even more sexy and graceful! The first picture is from the ferry arriving at vacation and the other two rushing to catch the bus for the beach. Tell me what you think!
  2. My girl in her 6 inch sandals, going for a morning coffee with a friend! She really adores these heels, she wore them almost everywhere this summer! For daily tasks around the city, for casual activities, for shopping, for clubbing... There were days that she started her day on them and refused to take them off 'till the evening! She really gets much attention when wearing these heels and she likes it!
  3. Last week we went with my girlfriend for a long shopping tour at a commercial park. She was wearing these beautiful 5.75" platform sandals (1.25" platform)! Despite the long walking, window watching and shopping, we continued afterwards for a drink. I was amazed on how determined she was to keep on these very uncomfortable shoes, although she admitted that her feet were killing her!
  4. Another older pair of 5" snake skin wedge mules. These were in the past her eveyday summer morning mules for running errands. The picture is from a ferry-boat, we were sailing for vacation. It was peak season and the ferry was very crowded, so we did not find anywhere to sit during the 3 hours that the trip lasted. The picture was taken just a few minutes before arriving to our destination, that's why you will notice that her toes were a little "reddened", as she had already spent the whole 3-hour trip standing and walking on these high heeled mules. Waiting for your comments!
  5. Well, I don't know... From a local shoe shop I suppose...
  6. Thank you! What about these wedge sandals then? This is the highest pair she owns until now! It is 7" high, but it has a big platform (about 2.5"), so it is still walkable. These sandals really turn a lot of eyes when she wears them and goes out, due to the extreme heel height! Please tell me your opinion!
  7. What do you mean by "actual heels"? Do you mean you want to see the back of the shoe, so as to see the heel? I don't have a pic from the back, but it is a thin stiletto heel.
  8. What about these 6" wooden mules (with 1" platform)? Despite the height, she finds them rather comfortable! This is an older pair that she used to wear very often in the past. Now she does not wear them very much anymore, only sometimes when she goes for a morning coffee with her friends. Waiting for your comments!
  9. That summer morning we went to a wedding. She had decided to wear again her very high 5.5" stilettos (actually I thought they were 5.25", but I measured them and they are 5.5", even better!). Pictures below. We were planning to go shopping after the wedding, but after the ceremony she found out that she had forgotten the somewhat lower pair of 5" platform mules she usually brings together for this purpose... (I mean this pair) However, we were far from home and she didn't want to miss the day, so she took the decision to keep these very uncomfortable 5.5" stilettos on her feet and go shopping on them! This was a decision she would SOON regret... She really suffered a lot on these heels that day, however everywhere we passed, all eyes were staring on her very sexy and too high (for shopping) stilettos and her continuous heel play (to relieve the pain) and she enjoyed this very much! So she told me that it was worth the pain and continued her shopping trip until the shops were closed late in the afternoon!
  10. Thank you, however I am not sure I understood some part of your post... "more fun to wear reclining eating grapes and feeling like a goddess", what do you mean by this?
  11. Another pair of my girl's sandals... These really feel too steep (5.25" with no platform!), so they were very uncomfortable for her for long standing, considering also that her shoe size is not very big. She had to stand for about 1-1.5 hour on them, but after the first 20 minutes she had already started complaining about her feet and heel playing. Fortunately she made it 'till the end! Waiting for your comments, please tell me your opinion!
  12. Another couple of shots, posing in her 5.75" sandals, on our way for clubbing. We didn't expect the club to be so crowded and, as we didn't have a reservation that night, she had to stand and dance all night on them, there was absolutely no place to sit and relax her feet! She had chosen to climb on one of her highest pairs, definitely not having planned to stay on her feet all night. She didn't expect to be so unlucky and find nowhere to sit... The result was that after 4 hours of partying and on our way back to the hotel, she had to take her sandals on her hands and finish her walk barefoot (it was about 25 minutes walk from the club back to the hotel). There was no way she would stay on these very uncomfortable heels even a minute longer!
  13. Incredible! I love them! i can't believe she even considered to do grocery shopping in them, please post the video! By the way, what is her shoe size?
  14. Of course I did! I had to, as a couple of hours later we went out clubbing and she had decided to wear these ones! Look how vertical her feet are on these steep 6" sandals (about 1.5" platform)!
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