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Too Long Heels Shoes/boots Manufacturer ?


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The photos have been around for many years, and are most likely recycled. They originally appeared on Heike's high heels site. This was one of the photos that appeared on her site. http://www.heikesheels.de/bildermember/DSC03671.jpg. As you can see, same boots and outfit. Towards the end of her site being active, there was an association with a boot maker who made those for her. I have a feeling that it was the Spanish company that was around until a couple of years ago making some pretty extreme 50cm platform boots.

As for obtaining a pair from new now, I would suggest approaching Alan at www.Imakebootsngloves.com. I've seen photos on his site of platform shoes with 14" heels, for example http://www.imakebootsngloves.com/albums/album_image/7245355/7552540.htm which are made to order. There is no reason why he couldn't make a pair without the platform, but keep the overlength heel to give the effect required.


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Can't edit my last post, but I've found the Spanish firm that I referred to, www.Estremodes.com. It was them that made those designs for Heike.

They are still in business, but I recall from previous postings on this board, they do not have a great reputation and their prices are exceedingly high.

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