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  1. Nice
  2. Good
  3. I'll have a look
  4. I do not exactly want this look, just "the way": be locked in heels... As i'm French, i do not know the good keyword to use for a search
  5. 3 model of Pleaser exist: - Vanity 434 - Domina 434 - Indulge 534 But, does another brand exist?
  6. Hello here, i'd like to try lockable heels, like that: Where can i find the better price?Thanks everybody
  7. nobody?
  8. It is a small US11 (10.5 i think).
  9. Nobody?
  10. Photos?
  11. Available today: Purple metallic shoes: Black wedge sandals (very worn, not worn out): Yellow soft leather (i think) loafer: Used leather mules ( EU38): Worne black wedge (not worn out): Worn (not worn out) blue jean lokks sandals: Clarks black leather oafer: Platform brown clog: Black leather mules: Clraks leather heels: Patent sexy heels: Black (new) flats: I also have (no pics at the moment): - Black leather boots, chunky heel 8 cm, square toe). - Black lace up heel (square heel - 9cm). - Black flats ballet.
  12. Hello, i'm selling these Clarks shoes. Heel height is 10 cm (4"), they are in leather. Color is burgundy / brown. The are extremly cmfy (Cushion soft technology) Price: 35€ (RRP = 75€) Careful to shipping cost, i'm from France
  13. Hello, i'm sorry for the late aswer (i did not receive notification)! Only yellow loafer are available I'll make new ads for new shoes