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New Members Waiting Approval

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Dont panic, I am getting to them all, but with a shortage of forum staff, I have almost 500 new users to check, so PLEASE do NOT signup again, because if you do, you will be instantly banned and none of your accounts will work.


Please also do NOT send me emails repeatedly asking when will you be appproved, as this simply adds to the delays, as I have 1500 emails sitting here all asking that exact same question, many claiming "So I signed up again" so all of those duplicates that are now going to take ages to sort out, are going to be banned.


If you signup once, simply await approval.

Unfortunately, this time around, it has been over 6 months since any member approvals were checked, so the queue is huge, and may take several weeks to get through..


Oh the joys of everybody wants something for nothing, but its always somebody elses job right?

Huge thanks to the current moderators too, for keeping the place tidy and running on the front line :-)

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If you need a hand...


You may have to tell me what to do. I am off work for a few days so...

Ditto from me if it's even possible with mod privileges.

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